Guest Review #0036: Altair Idn-La’Ahad




The following is a guest review by my Super Awesome Girlfriend, Jessica Headlee.  For more from Jess, check out her book review blog, Of Books and Pen.

Altair was the assassin that started the Assassin’s Creed franchise and he is the first ancestor that Desmond Miles relives through an animus. Altair was the main character of only one platform game and one or two mobile games. In a few of the later games he did appear briefly within the story, and a few times the players could play as the original assassin for a time within the main story. Within the games, Altair is credited with being the master behind the Assassin’s Order that Ezio Auditore is introduced to in the second game.


Altair2The Altair figure is part of the 3rd series of McFarlane Toys’ Assassin’s Creed line. He is about 5 inches tall with 24 points of articulation. The outfit this figure is wearing is a good replication of the one from the first game. The figure is well textured, giving the appearance of rough linen, which has been added to by the shadowing done by the paint. The boots, trousers, sleeves, and hood also include natural folds, which adds to realism of the figure. I also enjoy the detailing of the belt, pouches, and arm guards, including the silver coloring on the buckles and the sword’s sheath. The paint of the figure is well enough, the only mistakes that I found were around the red sash, where stray bits of red paint got on the white of the robe.

While playing the game and seeing Altair in later installments I don’t believe I ever saw his face. In the games the hood was always up and shadowed his face so that you couldn’t see more than the lower half. The only time you see most of his face is in the promotional videos and pictures, and possibly in the intro of the first game before you get to the main menu. With this figure you can clearly see the face, which I expected. However, the face bothers me a little. It’s a nicely sculpted face, don’t get me wrong, but it looks too much like Desmond Miles to me. I understand that Altair is Desmond’s ancestor, but I never pictured him to be the spitting image of a descendent several centuries in the future. From the few glimpses of most of his face I never pictured him looking exactly like Desmond. All that aside, the face of the figure is fine, including the faint scar on his lips and the stubble of his facial hair.

Along with the figure came a collection of accessories that Altair had within the game. The two hidden blades are simple in design, just like in the game, one in the resting position and the other in the fully extended position. The famous Altair sword, one that makes me geek out completely, has a simple look as well, with subtle detailing in the hilt. The sword also fits rather well within the figure’s nicely sculpted sheath. Finally, the figure comes with four small throwing knives shaped like they were in the game with little markings on the hilt. The knives fit well enough in their sheaths on the belt, however, occasionally the knives on the upper part of the belt will pop out of the holders when the figure’s arms move and bump into them. Unfortunately, the figure does not come with the long dagger that Altair could use in battle, which is a little bit of a shame. Overall, the figure is a well-made representation of one of my favorite assassins from the franchise.


Altair was given to me by my super awesome boyfriend, Ethan, for Christmas this year. He’s always so attentive, he was there when I bought a different Assassin’s Creed figure and later asked me about all of my favorite characters. Let’s say a few months later I got a handful of new Assassin’s Creed figures, including Altair. The figure is fantastic and I’m happy to add him to my growing collection of action figures.

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