#0814: The Riddler




Well, we’re steadily making our way through the Post-Christmas gift reviews. Today marks day 13, which means we’re the majority of the way through the stuff I got this year. I’ll be going back the super hero pool again today, with another figure from the current Batman: Animated line by DC Collectibles. Last time, I looked at one of Batman’s allies; this time, I’ll be looking at one of his more recurrent foes, the Riddler!


RiddlerAn2Riddler is figure #14 in the Batman: Animated line. This places him with the Series 4 figures, though his actual release was during the onslaught of series 3, 4, and 5 figures, so the whole numbering thing is rather arbitrary. Riddler is based on his original series look (a totally sensible choice, given that The Riddler never got more than a cameo appearance in TNA, and the design wasn’t very well received), specifically from the episode “Riddler’s Reform,” which is probably his best appearance in the show. The figure is 6 ½ inches tall and has 20 points of articulation. He’s somewhat similar in construction to Two-Face, though the styling of the suit is obviously a bit different. The sculpt does a pretty reasonable job of translating his design from the show. It’s better from some angles than others, but there are a few things that are just off. The pelvis is a bit too low-set (a recurring problem with these figures), and the neck is just a touch on the long side. Other than that, the figure makes for a pretty great translation from 2D to 3D. The head in particular is a fantastic piece, and I love getting a figure with such a unique expression. Riddler’s paint is nice and clean, probably some of the cleanest the line has exhibited. There’s a little bit of bleed over on the pocket square, but that’s really the only notable issue, which is pretty fantastic for a figure in this day and age. Riddler includes his cane, a Wacko Toys display, three pairs of hands (fists, gripping, and relaxed), and a display stand with his control art. The toy display is the only piece that is really “Riddler’s Reform”-specific, but it also happens to be the coolest extra included (at least by my standards).


Despite getting most of the other figures in this line, my local comic book store never got Riddler in stock. Fortunately for me, my parents picked him up for me and gave him to me for Christmas, which made me quite happy. Riddler turned out very well, even surprisingly well for this line. He has no glaring issues, and he comes with some pretty awesome extras. I think he’s probably the second best figure I’ve gotten from the line, after the surprisingly impressive Bane.


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