#0823: Ghostbusters Ghosts Minimates




You know what this site could always use more of? Minimates. While Marvel Minimates have undeniably been the flagship line for the brand ever since their inception, the number two spot is one that’s been passed through a number of different licenses. For a while a few years ago, it was very definitely Ghostbusters, which was largely due to Minimates being the first expansive line of toys from the property to actually be based on the first two movies. Over the course of the line, they covered just about every ghost seen in the first two movies. These were typically distributed through two-packs, with each ghost being packed with a variant of one of the Ghostbusters. Of course, not everyone feels the need to own an army of Venkmans (Venkmen?), so DST was kind enough to offer some of the ghosts without their human foes.


These four were each initially released in one of the Toys R Us exclusive two-packs, throughout the run of the Ghostbusters Minimates line. This set of four was released through specialty locations in June of 2011. The four figures contained in the set are identical to their two-pack releases.


GhostMini5The Jogger Ghost was first released in the second series of two-packs, alongside an Egon variant. He’s one of the ghosts during the “back in business” montage in Ghostbusters 2. He’s caught via a well-placed trap while running a marathon. The figure is roughly 2 ½ inches tall and has 12 points of articulation, due to his shoes blocking ankle movement. He has four add-on pieces: his hair, watch, and shoes. The hair was first used on the 24 Minimates “Day 2” set’s George Mason; it’s a fairly standard receding hair piece, which fits the jogger’s look on screen. The sneakers are from the Back to the Future 2 version of Marty McFly, and work reasonably well for running shoes. The wristwatch was originally used on of the Rocky ‘mates, where it wasn’t actually a wristwatch, but hey, it works. The Jogger’s paint is particularly cool, because he’s done completely translucently, which looks pretty darn cool, and gives him that proper ghostly look.


 GhostMini2Vigo was first released in the third series of two-packs, alongside the “World of the Psychic” version of Peter, who I reviewed here. He is, of course, the main antagonist of the second film, so he’s somewhat important. He uses six sculpted add-on pieces for his hair, chest piece, gloves, and boots. All of these are unique to Vigo, and they do a pretty decent job of looking the part. The only real complaint I have is that his arms end up being just a tad long compared to the rest of him. He definitely would have benefited from a torso riser of some sort. Other than that, the parts are actually quite nicely sculpted, and manage to look fairly imposing. Vigo’s paint is generally not bad, though the work on the body is a little sloppier than I’d like. He’s got one of the most detailed faces I’ve ever seen on a Minimate, which does actually look a fair bit like the character in the movie. Vigo includes a mask piece, which depicts him in his more monstrous form. The cool thing about this piece is it can go on Vigo himself, or be placed on another ‘mate, as if Vigo is possessing them.


GhostMini3Slimer, or Clear Slimer as he was dubbed originally, was first released in Series 1 of the two-packs, alongside a slimed version of Venkman. However, that figure had a few issues, leading to a Best Of release a little while later, which is the one this figure is a re-release of. Slimer is based on his appearance in the first film (making him the only ghost in this set not to be from GB2), where he was a bit more frightening and less “cutesy” than GB2 and the cartoons would later make him. He only uses the upper half of the usual Minimate body, replacing the legs with a flight stand (Slimer was the very first to use the flight stand, actually). In addition to the flight stand, he also has a piece that slips over his head and torso, making up Slimer’s “body.” It’s a fairly simple piece, but it does a pretty good job of capturing Slimer’s basic shape. Slimer’s paint is by far his best feature. He’s done in a nice, disgusting clear green, with detail lines on the add-on piece to represent his face. The best part is the food printed on the actual torso block, which can be seen through the add-on piece, to make it look like Slimer’s just eaten. Definitely a cool touch!


GhostMini4The Titanic Ghost was released in the third series of two-packs, which a GB2 version of Egon. He’s another GB2 ghost, from the scene towards the end when the ooze is playing havoc with the streets of New York, including finally bringing the Titanic to its intended destination. He’s not a super notable ghost himself, but the scene is somewhat memorable. He makes use of two add-on pieces, for his hat and the bottom portion of his jacket. The hat is from the Marvel Minimates Series 22 General Ross, and it’s a pretty decent fit for a captain’s hat. The skirt piece was first seen in the BSG line, and it’s simple enough to do its job well. The paint work is kind of key on this guy, and it’s pretty on point. Like the Jogger Ghost, he’s done in all translucent parts, which looks sufficiently ethereal. The face in particular has some really nice detail work, with a whole lot of depth, which really sells what could have been a fairly boring ‘mate.


I received this set from my friend Diane, over the summer. She’s been a friend of the family for quite some time, and has long been supportive of my action figure habit. She apparently won this set somewhere, and since she doesn’t really collect Minimates, I was the first person she thought to give it to, which was really nice of her. It’s a pretty solid set all-around. None of the actual ‘busters are present, but these are easily four of the strongest ghosts DST produced in the line. Each of them has something cool to add to the collection.

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