#0829: Guavian Enforcer




It feels like forever since I’ve done a Star Wars review. <Checks previous reviews> Okay, it’s only been two weeks. Well, that’s still too long! It’s time for another! Plus, I’ve still got to catch up on reviewing things I got before the holiday season came and threw everything out of whack. Anyway, here’s another Force Awakens-based review. Let’s have another look at the Guavian Enforcer, but this time with more of me knowing what the heck he is!


GuavianEn2The Guavian Enforcer is part of the smaller-scale Star Wars: The Force Awakens line. He’s from the second assortment of the “Space” subset of the line (the same one as General Hux). The figure is 3 ¾ inches tall and he has 5 points of articulation. The Guavian’s sculpt is new to this particular figure, but it in many ways feels like a simple scale-down of the Black Series version of the character. It’s not, obviously, since that figure had a totally different articulation scheme, and the details were just the slightest bit different, but they’re pretty close. Which is good really, since it’s supposed to be the same design. The sculpt is definitely high-quality. The proportions are pretty great, and there’s a ton of texture and small detail work. The separate parts of the costume could perhaps stand to be a little more defined, but at this scale, the work is acceptable. The Guavian’s paint work is fairly straightforward; he’s molded in red, with paint for the black and silver bits. The application is passable, if not anything amazing. He lacks a lot of the more subtle work from the larger scale figure, which is a shame, but reasonable at the smaller scale, I suppose. The figure is packed with one of the two guns packed with the larger Enforcer (the shotgun looking one), as well as a piece the Build-A-Thingy for this subset. On the plus side, this one’s a giant gun, so it can actually be used as an extra piece for the figure, if you don’t plan to finish building the whatever it is.


The Guavian Enforcer was purchased from a nearby Walmart, while I was out and about with my brother. He’s the very last TFA figure I picked up prior to seeing the movie, so therefore the last one I bought with no idea of his role in the film. Fortunately, I found the Guavians in the film enjoyable enough, and I do really like their design. So, I’d consider this figure a win.


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