#0916: Tygra




They say that good things come in threes. Wait, no, I think they say bad things come in threes. Hmmm… Well, here’s my third Thundercats review. There may be some debate about which of those statements this review proves. Today, we’ll be looking at my personal favorite member of the Thundercats, Tygra, who isn’t to be confused with one of my favorite Avengers, Tigra. They’re very different.


Tygra2Tygra was released in Series 1 of Bandai’s small-scale Thundercats line. The figure is a little over 4 inches tall and he has 21 points of articulation. He loses the waist movement that Lion-O had and trades it for swivels right below the knees, which feels like a pretty fair trade off. The figure’s based on Tygra’s main, armored look from the show, as opposed to that totally clear, less armored look that I already reviewed. Tygra had one of the more radical redesigns of the main Thundercats, presumably to make him stand out a bit more from Lion-O, but it keeps most of the spirit of the classic Tygra design. Tygra’s sculpt is totally different from the one included with the Tower of Omens, even the head, which seems like a natural place for reuse. It does a pretty nice job of translating the design into three dimensions, though his hair’s a little more Wolverine-like than it was on the show. The sculpt is perhaps not as good a job as the Lion-O figure, but good nonetheless. His proportions are certainly well-handled; Tygra is appropriately a little heftier than Lion-O, offering some nice variety to the line. The belt is an add-on piece, which is a little bulkier than I’d like; on the plus side, it’s removable. The paint on Tygra is alright. Nothing really stands out as particularly bad, but the application isn’t super exciting. A figure with this sort of color palette would definitely benefit from some accent work or something. Tygra is packed with his signature whip, which is made out of soft rubber, and is a little difficult at this scale. He’s also got his blaster, which can be holstered on his belt.


So, I liked the Tygra included with the Tower of Omens, but a totally clear figure is hardly a definitive version of the character. And, seeing as Tygra’s my favorite of the Thundercats, I kind of wanted a regular version of him. It was actually Yesterday’s Fun having this particular figure that prompted me to pick up the Lion-O figure I reviewed yesterday. Lion-O is the better figure of the two, but Tygra’s certainly no slouch. I’m glad to have him!


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