#0927: Captain America & Crossbones




Well, here it is; today’s the day of the official release of Captain America: Civil War. By the time this is posted, I’ll have already seen the movie, and hopefully I’ll have enjoyed it immensely. In honor of the film, I’ll be taking a look another set of figures from Hasbro’s smaller-scale line. I’m going full-on #TeamCap today, with the main man himself, as well as his returning foe, Crossbones.


Cap and Crossbones are part of the first series of Captain America: Civil War Miniverse figures. This is one of two sets in the first series that isn’t Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man, but it’s still a versus set, and it’s probably the most sensible pairing of the bunch.


Like Vision, Cap is getting his second 2 ½-inch figure here, following the one he got from Age of Ultron. This figure stands about 2 ¾ inches tall and has 5 points of articulation. Cap’s design has changed again for Civil War (though it’s probably the most minor set of between film changes he’s gotten), and as such he’s gotten an all-new sculpt. It’s not too bad, though there are a few issues with proportions. Most notably he seems to be missing his neck, which throws off the size of his head relative to his shoulders and just makes him look a bit odd. Other than that, the sculpt’s actually quite good. There’s some great detail work on the costume, and he’s fairly accurate to the source material. He even has more normally-sized feet than the last two, which is nice to see. Cap takes a bit of a dive on the paint side of things. It’s not really the quality of what’s there (though there are some issues with application, such as the skin tone of the face going over the chinstrap of his helmet), but rather what’s not there. His legs feature not paint at all, leaving the boots and kneepads blue, and his gloves are straight brown, leaving his fingers the wrong color. The worst part is his torso, which looks alright from the front, but has all the paint rather jarringly end at the sides, leaving his back completely unpainted. Could they not spring for just a few more paint apps? On the plus side, Cap has the most extra parts of anyone in the series. He includes his shield, which is pretty nicely sized. He also gets the wonky clip-on armor in this set. If you thought Bucky’s armor was weird, wait ‘til you get a load of Cap and his…spinning bicycle wheels? Yeah, still not quite getting these.


CrossbonesCap2Crossbones is another returning character from The Winter Soldier, though this is the first time he’s actually been “Crossbones” (he was just “Rumlow” in the last film). Crossbones is a fairly prominent recurring Cap villain in the comics (where he was the right-hand man of Red Skull), but time will tell as to whether he’s as prominent in the movies. The figure’s the same height as Cap and has the same articulation as well. He has a new sculpt based on Crossbones’ new armored look from the film, which is a pretty awesome look if I do say so myself. The actual figure? Eh…he’s okay, but definitely a little wonky. Above the waist, he’s actually not too bad; he’s got decent proportions and some very nice detailing on the armor. The legs are what really throws him off. They’re oddly shaped, and lack a lot of the detailing seen on the rest of the figure. It’s almost like they came from a different figure, but I honestly can’t say what sort of figure on which they wouldn’t look out of place. Crossbones has minimal painted details, but that’s more or less appropriate for him, since he’s mostly just black and white in the film. He’s lacking any detailing for his eyes, but that’s actually pretty forgivable at this scale. The white details are actually pretty convincingly worn, which is quite impressive given the work on the rest of the figures. Crossbones includes no accessories.


After getting Vision and Winter Soldier from my parents, I decided to pick up a few of the other sets, including this pair. These two are definitely more movie specific that the last pair, but they feel a little less balanced than the prior set. Both figures are pretty cool overall, but both have fairly major setbacks (the paint in Cap’s case, and those wonky legs in Crossbones’). All in all, not a bad set, especially for the price, but I do hope we see Crossbones at a larger scale later.

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