#0973: Arya Stark




A reviewer believes it is time to right a review of a figure of a girl. Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right. Sorry, I was trying to be clever and topical, but I’m not sure it worked. Anyway, I’m continuing the Game of Thrones bit from yesterday, looking at another figure from Funko’s Legacy Collection. Today, I’ll looking at No One. Wait, scratch that, I’m actually looking at Arya Stark, the youngest Stark daughter. Thought she was No One, but I just got the notification of the change! Sorry, it’s hard enough keeping up with everyone’s initial names, and that’s without throwing name changes into the mix. Let’s just look at the Arya figure!


Arya2Like her brother Robb, Arya was released in the second series of the Game of Thrones: Legacy Collection. She’s figure #9, which puts her right in the middle of the second series. The figure stands about 5 ¼ inches tall and has 26 points of articulation. She seems a bit tall when compared to Robb. There’s only about a half-inch difference between the two, which going by the actor’s heights isn’t incredibly off, but it’s enough off that it bugs me slightly. I found the articulation on Arya to be a bit stiffer than on Robb, but I still haven’t run into any impossibly tight joints or breakage just yet. That being said, I’m a bit leery of the wrist joints; they seem a bit spongey on my figure. I also really wish she could get her knees into a straighter position.  As it is, she’s always got a slight crouch going on. Arya is depicted here in the look she started sporting following her father’s death, when she was attempting to pass herself off as a boy (not that she fooled that many people). It’s a good look for the character, and it was pretty much her only look for a good three seasons of the show’s run, so it was pretty well chosen. Though it appears Gentle Giant Studios put a lot of effort into this figure’s sculpt, Arya didn’t turn out quite as well as her brother. Her head definitely feels a bit too big, and the proportions of the body seem a bit too elongated for Arya. The likeness on the head is also a bit weird. From a head-on view, it’s a pretty good Maisie Williams likeness. However, from certain angles, the sculpt becomes rather cartoony, and begins to look more like a caricature than a real person. The hair doesn’t really help matters, being far thicker than it should be, and sitting rather far back on the head. On the plus side, the level of detailing on the rest of the figure is superb. I especially love the texture and stitching of the vest, which genuinely looks like a real piece of clothing.  Arya’s paintwork isn’t bad, but there are a few issues. Like Robb, the best work is one the clothing, which has some very nice accent work, and it looks appropriately grimy. The same can’t be said of her face and hands, which are surprisingly un-grimed. The paint on those bits isn’t awful, but there are some spots (most notably the eyebrows) which could have been handled a bit better, and end up hiding some of the strengths of the sculpts. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the big chunk of oddly misapplied paint on the left side of Arya’s neck. Obviously, this is a one off issue with my figure, but it’s definitely very annoying and makes poor Arya look like she’s got the plague or something. Arya’s one accessory is her sword Needle (given to her by her half-brother Jon Snow). It’s a pretty good recreation of the prop on the show (some people have complained about the color of the handle; it’s a bit bright, but it doesn’t bug me). On the show, Arya is left-handed, and that’s definitely the hand that’s meant to hold the sword. It’s not as easy to get her to hold it as it was to get Robb holding his, but I managed alright.


I picked up Arya at the same time as Robb. Arya’s been one of my favorite characters since the very first episode of the show, and I definitely wanted her in action figure form (the uncertainty of her inclusion in the upcoming 3 ¾ inch line is a big part of why I’m still not sold on those figures). Arya’s not quite as strong a figure as Robb. That said, Robb was a fantastic figure, which not every figure can be. Even with her flaws, Arya is still a pretty good figure, and she’s a nice representation of one of the show’s best characters.


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