#1041: Free Comic Book Day Blank




Minimates are a brand that mostly runs on licensed properties, but their makers at Diamond Select Toys like to do what they can to get the brand out there, separate from the licenses they offer. One of the main ways they do this is via promotional blanks, handed out as freebies at various events, just to get the name and base body out there. Most of the time, these events are conventions that DST is attending, but twice now, said event has been Free Comic Book Day, a day where lots of other companies also try the whole promotional thing out at a larger scale.


FCBD2006bThis Free Comic Book Day ‘mate was distributed on Free Comic Book Day in 2005, and is the first of the two FCBD ‘mates to be done. The figure is about 2 ¼ inches tall and has the same 14 points of articulation as every other Minimate. As a blank, this ‘mate uses no sculpted add-ons, but rather places the focus on the basic Minimate body. Interestingly, this guy has a head with a hole at the top for a hair piece. It’s far from an uncommon sight on a ‘mate, but most blanks tend to use the older style head without the hole. It’s a minor little difference, which makes this guy a little more customizable, but perhaps hinders his integrity as a standalone ‘mate. The FCBD ‘mate is molded in white plastic (which exhibits a nasty habit of yellowing over time, just as an fyi), with a printed Free Comic Book Day logo. It’s definitely a sharp looking design, and makes for a fun little piece. Plus, thanks to the interchangeable nature of Minimates, the logo-ed torso can even make for a cool t-shirt or something on another ‘mate.


This was actually my very first promo Minimate. I picked him up from my local comic book store on FCBD, without much thought, actually. I didn’t even realize that it was a thing until I saw the little box of them my store had near the front. He’s actually become one of the prized possessions of my collection. He’s really only for diehard Minimate fans, but he’s definitely an awesome little figure!


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