#1051: Marvel’s Rogue





“With just one touch, Rogue can absorb anyone’s superpowers – making her capabilities in any matchup nearly limitless.”

Here she is. The one that started it all (No, not the whole X-Men thing; that had been going for a good twenty years before she came along.)  Back at SDCC last year, Hasbro showed off their Red Onslaught prototype. This was immediately followed by questions of whether or not he’d be getting a regular Onslaught head. Hasbro said not in the same series, but that they were working on a solution. A few months later, at New York Comic Con, this figure showed up in the display case, with an Onslaught head beside her. Was she part of the Captain America series? Would she be some sort of exclusive? Or, was it possible that she was just the first piece of an entire series? Well, if you’ve been following the site for the last week, you know which one it was. Now, just under a year later, the Rogue figure is here (so’s the Onslaught piece, but that ended up elsewhere). Let’s see how she turned out!


roguehas2Rogue (who, like Havok and Phoenix before her, gets the “Marvel’s” possessive added to her name) is figure 5 in the Juggernaut series of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends. This is only Rogue’s second time as a Marvel Legend, following the X-Men Legends boxed set version from more than a decade ago. How we went that long without getting a single Rogue* is beyond me. This Rogue uses the same Jim Lee design as the last Legends Rogue. It’s kind of her signature look, and it was very much in need of an update. The figure stands about 6 ¼ inches tall and she has 26 points of articulation. Rogue is built on the Moonstone body, which, in addition to being a good fit for the character is also just an a pretty decent base body (aside from a few minor issues). The figure gets a new head and upper arms, as well as add-ons for her jacket, belt, and the cuffs to her gloves and boots. Her construction is in many ways quite similar to the Marvel Universe Rogue (which I reviewed waaaaaaaaay back in 2013), but the increased scale makes the add-on pieces mesh a bit better this time around. One of the main roguehas3issues with prior Rogue figures was that her face always seemed to end up looking…less than stellar. Like Scarlet Witch, her Toy Biz figure suffered from rather mannish facial features. This figure doesn’t fall victim to this issue, and ends up being one of the best looking Rogue figures to date. The sculpted jacket is also a marked improvement over the pleather jacket from the Toy Biz version. The only real issue I have with the sculpt isn’t the sculpt proper, but the assembly of my figure: she has two left upper arms. It’s an annoyance, but it could be a lot worse. Overall, Rogue’s paintwork is pretty decent. There are a few minor spots of errant paint, but it’s mostly pretty sharp. It’s also really bold and pleasant to look at. I’m really digging all the warm bright colors in this series. Rogue included an extra, un-gloved right hand (which is a really fun piece to have), and the left leg of Juggernaut.


Rogue was the figure I was most anticipating from the series. Of course, she was the figure a lot of other people were anticipating too, meaning she was the most difficult of the seven figures to obtain. I actually found the packaging for this figure a month or so back, but some dipstick had swapped out the Rogue figure inside for the old X-Men Legends version, which was a serious let down. After searching for a few weeks, I ended up just sort of stumbling upon Rogue last week during a quick stop-in at my nearest TRU. I’m really happy to have found this figure, and she’s definitely one of my favorites from the set. I can’t wait to get some more Jim Lee X-Men to go with her!

*Hasbro had planned to release a more modern Rogue as part of the Puck Series of Marvel Legends that tied into The Wolverine, but when that assortment was moved to specialty, she was bumped from the line-up.


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