#1053: Juggernaut




We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

I’m sure those of you who were anxiously awaiting the final figure from my recent X-Men Legends reviews were quite put out with yesterday’s Star Trek-themed review.  Or maybe you weren’t.  You probably weren’t.  Regardless, we’re back with the X-Men today, taking a look at the latest X-Men-themed Build-A-Figure, the unstoppable Juggernaut!


juggernauthas2Juggernaut is, unsurprisingly, the Build-A-Figure for the Juggernaut series of Marvel Legends, which has started hitting stores in the last month or so.  This is Juggernaut’s second Legends figure, and his first since way back in Series 6 of Toy Biz’s run with the line*.  Like that figure, this guy is sporting his classic attire, which makes sense.  None of his other designs have really caught on the same way.  The figure stands about 9 1/2 inches tall and he has 28 points of articulation.  Juggernaut is one of the largest of the more recent, dwarfing everyone but the Hulkbuster B-a-F.  He’s built on a body that hasn’t seen use before, but I feel almost certain will see re-use down the line.  In many ways, the construction of this figure is quite similar to Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Juggernaut from several years ago.  That was a very good figure, and by extension, so is this guy.  The build is definitely absurdly large, but appropriately so for Juggernaut.  While most of the figure is fairly smooth and clean, the armored bits, belt, and boots all feature some pretty awesome texture juggernauthas3work, which makes him look suitably worn-in, which definitely works for the character.  The helmet and head are separate pieces, but they are glued together, and the head is just the face and jaw, so it’s not meant to be removed, which is one of two minor issues I have with the figure.  The other is the facial features on the underlying face.  They’re alright, but the eyes feel just a touch too far apart, especially compared to the size of the mouth.  It’s not immediately apparent, though, and it’s not like he’s never been drawn that way in the comics.  The paintwork on Juggernaut is pretty decent.  It’s mostly pretty basic, but mostly pretty clean.  There’s a bit of extra detailing on the armored parts, which helps to accent the sculpted texturing.  Juggernaut has no accessories, but he’s kind of an accessory himself, and he hardly feels like a rip-off, just given the sheer size of the figure.


If you follow the site, you should have a good idea of where Juggernaut came from; he was pieced together from the parts included with all those X-Men Legends I worked so hard to find.  Despite how hard I was looking for the figures, I think Juggernaut may be the fastest I’ve completed a B-a-F (barring when I buy a complete set online).  I always wanted the Toy Biz Legends Juggernaut, so I’m quite happy to have gotten this guy.

All in all, this has been a fantastic set of Marvel Legends, probably my favorite since the Infinite Series re-launch.  Juggernaut is an awesome Build-A-Figure, and I can’t say I resent having to pick up any of the figures that made him.  In fact, several of the figures here are some of the best Hasbro’s put out.  I hope they can keep up this quality!

*Fun fact:  With the exception of the somewhat tacked-on Thomas Jane Punisher, all of the Series 6 figures (Wolverine, Phoenix, Deadpool, and Juggernaut) received updates in the Juggernaut series.


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