#1087: Rebel Commando Pao & Imperial Death Trooper




Today I’ll be wrapping up the 3 3/4 inch half of my Rogue Friday reviews.  On my plate today, I’ve got another weird new alien and another new Imperial Trooper.  Commando Pao doesn’t look like he’s going to be big part of the movie, but judging by the marketing, I think it’s safe to say the Imperial Death Troopers will be.  These guys have been on everything, including the top of all the small-scale figure packaging.  Which makes it a bit surprising that the only way to get them in the smaller line so far is via the two-pack I’m reviewing today.


Pau and the Death Trooper are the last set in the first series of battle-packs from Hasbro’s smaller Star Wars: Rogue One line.


paudeathtrooper2As with a lot of the characters from this movie, not a whole lot is known about Pao.  According to his bio, he’s “an amphibious Drababta,” whatever that is.  Pao is one of the shorter figures in the line, standing about 3 1/2 inches tall.  He’s got the usual joints at the shoulders and hips, but in place of the usual neck joint, Pao gets a set of two joints that allow his mouth to open and close.  It’s actually pretty well designed, and it allows him to look up and down just a little bit too.  Pao’s sculpt is very nicely rendered, with lots of really great detail work, especially in the wrinkles on his jacket.  It’s also nice that they were able to work the mouth movement in without really messing up his face sculpt too bad. He looks to be pretty accurate to what we’ve seen of Pao so far.  Pao’s paintwork is quite nicely handled.  His color scheme is rather muted, and fits well with the other Rebels we’ve seen, as well as those from the original trilogy.  The application is pretty good for the scale, and the eyes are actually far better looking than most of Hasbro’s humans from this same line.  There’s some slight slop here and there, but nothing beyond what you’d expect in a mass produced toy at this scale.  Pao includes a backpack (which is very similar in design to the ones we see the Rebels wearing on Hoth in the second film), as well as a blaster rifle.


paudeathtrooper3The Death Trooper is sort of a concept that’s been popping up since very early in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, going back to the Black Hole Troopers in the 1978 Star Wars newspaper strip, and has shown up as recently as Star Wars: Battlefront with the Shadow Troopers.  Simply put, it’s an elite subset of Stormtroopers denoted by their black armor.  The Death Trooper marks the first time this concept has been used in the “official” cannon, however, so that’s cool.  The Death Trooper stands a little over 4 inches tall and has the usual 5 points of articulation (though the right hip joint on my figure is stuck).  This is one of the taller figures in the line (with only K-2 and Moroff outpacing him), but he’s also one of the skinniest, which has been a point of contention for a lot of the fanbase.  Director Gareth Edwards has commented that he purposefully cast very tall, skinny actors for the parts of the Death Troopers, in order to give them a more menacing look.  That being said, this figure seems even skinnier than the images we’ve seen so far of the Death Troopers in the film, which makes him look a little comical.  He’s not awful or anything.  In fact, the detail work on the figure is rather impressive, especially on the helmet and the underlying bodysuit.  He just looks like he skipped a few lunches.  Or like he has the same metabolism as me.  The Death Trooper’s paint is fairly lax, with only s little bit of silver here and there and the two spots of green at the very front of his helmet.  It’s a good look, though, and everything has been applied pretty cleanly.  The Death Trooper includes his unique new blaster rifle, as well as another big missile launcher thing, which is particularly comical here, since he can’t really stand up with it on.  The clear green missiles are cool, though.


Okay, so I didn’t get these guys at the TRU midnight opening, or even at Target the next morning.  I saw the set both times and just left it there.  Not sure why really.  I ended up coming across it again while running some errands at the end of the weekend, and I guess the third time was the charm.  I actually quite like this set, though, like the Moroff/Scarif Squad Leader set, it’s not for the reasons I though I’d like it initially.  I bought this for the Death Trooper, and he’s cool, but I think Pao is the real star here.  A lot of really strong work has been put into him, and he’s just a really fun figure.



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