#1149: Chirrut Imwe




Of the five Star Wars figures I’m looking at today, only one of them is actually a new character (well, one of them’s debatably a new character, but it’s iffy at best), and that’s today’s focus, Chirrut Imwe.  Chirrut is portrayed Donnie Yen, who isn’t the biggest name in the States, but is a pretty big name action star in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia.  Given just how much of the original Star Wars was influenced by Asian cinema, Yen feels like a more than natural fit for the franchise.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him in action in the film.  Now, onto his figure!


chirrut2Chirrut is another piece of the second series of Star Wars: Rogue One figures.  Given his prominence in the trailers, he was one of the more notable absences from the first wave of products, but he’s here now, and that’s what’s important.  The figure stands a little under 3 3/4 inches tall (he the shortest of the Rebels, excepting Jyn) and he has the usual 5 points of articulation.  I’m a little saddened that Hasbro didn’t take advantage of the loose sleeves to give him extra movement on the arms they war they did with the first Jyn figure, but oh well.  Chirrut’s sculpt is alright, but there are some oddities to it.  First and foremost, it’s by far the most pre-posed of the Rogue One figures. He’s posed sort of mid-stride, or something, but like only from the waist down.  His upper half is rather on the rigid side, but he also seems to have a slight hunch.  All that being said, the head sculpt has a halfway decent Donnie Yen likeness, which is certainly better than a number of other figures in the line.  The sculpt also does a nice enough job of translating his costume into plastic form.  It’s worth noting that we’re back to cutting the robes into an odd set of legs.  It actually works a bit better here than it does sometimes, though it’s quite clear it was sculpted as a solid piece and had the articulation cut into it.  The paint work on Chirrut is fairly well handled.  Th colors a pretty nice match for those from the film (well, I think so, anyway), and the application is all pretty clean.  His irises seem a little on the dark side, since he’s supposed to be blind and all, but they’re different enough from the normal figures’ eyes to be noticeable, which I guess is the important part.  Chirrut includes his staff, which he has a little trouble holding, but is overall a nice piece, as well as a giant missile launcher, which looks to be patterned after his crossbow-looking thing we’ve seen in some of the posters.  He has a lot of trouble holding the missile launcher, but it’s not like I’m really going to complain about that.


Remember where I got the last two figures?  Wanna guess where I got Chirrut?  Yeah, same bat-place, same bat-story (wait, I thought this was a Staaaaar Wars post!).  Of the figures in Series 2, Chirrut was nearer the top of the list of the ones I wanted.  Ultimately, he’s not the best figure in the smaller scale line, but he’s hardly the worst either.  He’s certainly a nice addition to the team.



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