#1158: Mummy Boy




Merry day before the day before Christmas everyone!  As a Nightmare Before Christmas review, I had originally intended for this review to *actually* go up on Christmas Eve.  But, I’ve got a more important review for tomorrow, so this one got shifted just a day earlier on the schedule. So, I guess that’s good for those of you that like NBX?  This, like literally every NBX item in my collection, is a Minimate.  Now, I already looked at most of the main characters last year, so this time around I’m looking at one of film’s many distinctive background characters, the Mummy Boy!


mummyboy2The Mummy Boy was released in the second series of blind-bagged Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates.  He’s one of the Hot Topic-exclusive ‘mates from this particular set.  The figure stands about 2 1/4 inches tall and has 12 points of articulation.  He uses the smaller “kid” body that was recently added to the line.  Since the Mummy Boy was pretty small in the movie, it seems like a sensible choice.  Of course, in the movie he also had a more spherical head, but at some point, you have to draw the line, lest you lose the Minimate aesthetic.  The vast majority of the “character” of this guy is covered via paintwork.  The paint is actually pretty solid on this guy.  I really like the way they’ve conveyed the texturing on the bandages, and I particularly like the fact that the style on the bandages is ever so slightly different from those on Imhotep.  It makes for some nice diversity.  Mummy Boy’s only accessory is the standard clear display stand.


I picked up Mummy Boy what feels like forever ago, on a trip to the mall with Super Awesome Girlfriend and some of her friends.  Super Awesome Girlfriend is a pretty big fan of NBX, so I was helping her find a few of the other characters in this series.  I found one bag that I was pretty sure had the Mummy Boy inside and liked him enough that I decided to get him for myself.  This guy’s fairly standard fare for a Minimate, but I can definitely appreciate him for his simplicity.


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