#1249: Hank Venture



Hey look, another Venture Bros figure.  That’s…probably rather predictable, isn’t it?  Yeah, I’d say so.  Yesterday, I looked at half of the titular duo, so it’s only proper that today I look at the other half.  So, without further ado, here’s Dean’s brother Hank!


Like Dean, Hank was part of the short-lived small-scale Venture Bros line from Bif Bang Pow!  He was released alongside his brother and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, in the first “wave” of figures.  The figure is about 3 3/4 inches tall (he’s just a hair taller than his brother, as he should be) and he has 10 points of articulation.  His movement is the same as his brother’s, which is to be expected.  I’d still like a little more movement, but the basics are at least covered.   I do have to say that, while he’s thicker than his brother, he’s also not quite as easy to keep standing as Dean was, which can be rather frustrating.  Hank is sporting his early, Fred Jones-inspired look, which, as I noted in Dean’s review, is easily his most distinctive look.  In terms of translating his 2D look into 3D, I don’t know that Hank is quite as successful as Dean.  He’s still very close, but something seems just the slightest bit off.  I do like that he and Dean clearly have the same facial structure, just like they do in the show.  It really sells them as brothers.  Hank’s sculpt is pretty solid work, and they’ve gotten the important details down.  He carries himself better than his slightly hunched brother, which looks good overall, but does result in him looking a little stiffer than Dean.  Not sure who that could have been avoided, though.  Hank’s paint is a bit of a step down from Dean.  Of course, Dean was really good, so that’s not the worst thing ever.  The basic work is decent, and the face is still pretty clean.  Mostly, the issues have to do with the lines around his neckerchief, which are just very sloppy.  I’ve seen worse, but it’s still pretty noticeable.  The price of working with white paint, I suppose.  Like his brother, Hank doesn’t come with any extras of his own, but he does get another item for Brock: a knife.  That would probably be awesome if I had a Brock figure!


I ordered Hank from Amazon at the same time as Dean, as you can’t really have just one of the brothers.  That would be kind of weird.  While he’s got some minor issues, he’s by and large on par with Dean, and that’s really great.  These pair make for a nice little set.  Maybe someday I’ll actually find a Brock to go with them, but until then at least I have the two of them.  Go Team Venture!

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