#1256: Kaylee Frye



Okay, remember several months ago, when I reviewed three of the five Funko Firefly: Legacy Collection figures, and I noted in my Zoe review that, while Wash is my favorite character, Zoe’s a close second?  Well, if I’m being totally honest, Zoe does sort of share that close second spot with one other crew member: Kaywinnet Lee Frye, better known as Kaylee, Serenity’s ever cheery mechanic.  Just like it’s hard not to love Wash in all his goofiness, it’s hard not to love Kaylee’s downright genuine  enthusiasm and trust of others, especially in a show as jaded as Firefly.  Kaylee made her way into the world of action figures as part of Funko’s ReAction line, but that figure was…less than stellar.  On the plus side, she got another stab at action figure greatness not too long after, courtesy of the larger Legacy Collection.  Let’s see how that one turned out!


Kaylee is figure #3 in the Firefly: Legacy Collection, which puts her between Jayne and Wash numerically.  The figure stands just under 6 inches tall and has 26 points of articulation.  The Legacy Kaylee is based on the same basic look as the smaller ReAction figure; it’s her standard sleeveless jumpsuit with a colorful shirt beneath it look, which she sported quite frequently on the show. It’s also an exact match for the what she was wearing in the promotional pictures, meaning she matches up with all of the other Legacy figures except for Mal in that respect.  Kaylee’s sculpt is fairly decent.  She’s definitely better than Mal, and more in line with the Wash and Zoe figures.  She’s a little closer to Wash, really, being a bit more on the cartoony side.  It’s not quite as drastic, but she’s definitely got a bit of stylization going on.  That being said, Kaylee still fairs quite a bit better here than she did on the smaller figure.  The head presents a passable likeness of Jewel Staite, and she’s got a nice, friendly smile.  Her features seam a touch more angular than they are in real life, but it’s rather minor.  The body sculpt has reasonable proportions, and she actually looks like a real person, so that’s good.  The details on her clothes are pretty solid; this is definitely an area where she goes just a bit more cartoony, but it actually doesn’t look bad at this scale.  Kaylee’s paintwork is mostly pretty good.  The colors all look to be appropriate matches, and there’s even a wash over most of the sculpt, to help accentuate some of the sculpt’s details.  Even her eyes are actually pretty decent, which is a nice change compared to the others in this set.  Truth be told, I think Kaylee’s the best painted Legacy figure I’ve picked up.  Like her smaller scale counterpart, Legacy Kaylee includes a wrench.  On the plus side, this figure can actually hold it.  Progress!  I wouldn’t have minded something else, since the wrench is really small.  Could they really not throw one of those cheap parasols that you get in drinks or something?  Guess I’ll just have to supply my own…


Like all of the figures in this set, I passed on Kaylee when she was new.  And then I passed on her for half-price from Think Geek, mostly due to just going for the parity presented by Wash and Zoe.  I had thought about grabbing her from Movie Stop when they were going under, but by the time I got there, all they had left was Mal.  Ultimately, I ended up getting her from the Farpoint Charity Auction.  Not only was she a good deal, the money also went to a good cause, which always makes me feel even better.  I’m glad I finally got around to getting her, because she’s actually a really nice figure.  Funko’s stuff is still very uneven, but when they get it right, they get it right.  *sigh* I guess I need to get around to buying a Jayne now.  Here’s to having the same incomplete Firefly crew in TWO scales!

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