#1571: Rose – First Order Disguise, BB-8, & BB-9E



A couple weeks back, it was announced that the remaining announced but unreleased figures from Hasbro’s basic Last Jedi line were being distributed solely by online retailers Entertainment Earth (at least in North America, anyway; the rest of the world may yet see them show up at regular retail).  This means, that, without any real fan faire, the set I’m looking at today, is the final piece of Last Jedi product to hit retail.  Weird.  Well, might as well review it. (EDIT: strike that, there’s the four pack that’s hitting alongside the home video release.  Forgot about that one.)


Rose, BB-8, and BB-9E were part of the second assortment of “two-packs” for the Last Jedi line.  For those of you who have halfway decent counting skills, you may have noticed there are three figures in this supposed two-pack.  Hasbro presumably realized how silly it would look to try and sell a normal figure and a BB unit for the same price as two normal figures, so they did the wise thing and threw in a second BB.


Our second standard line version of Rose follows the Star Wars tradition of giving us variants of our heroes disguised as the enemy.  Rose is, of course, seen here in the First Order uniform that she wears alongside Finn when infiltrating the Supremacy. It’s kind of amusing to get her in this scale, since the corresponding Finn was a 6-inch figure, but not to worry, there’s going to be a Finn to match soon enough.  This figure stands 3 1/2 inches tall and has the usual 5 points of articulation.  Her sculpt is totally new.  Not surprising, since she’s got a whole different look.  It’s a decent sculpt, though I can’t say it’s quite as interesting to look at as her standard figure.  The uniform’s carefully pressed and everything, so there’s no real room for the fun texturing of the last figure.  I also don’t find the head to be sporting quite as strong a likeness as the prior figure, though it’s not like this one’s terrible.  Also, minor point of contention that I suppose isn’t 100% fair to hold against this figure but I’m gonna bring up here anyway:  Hasbro’s still being inconsistent about the way they handled the bottom sections of the tunics.  Hux had his sculpted as part of his legs, but Rose gets an overlay piece.  Given that they’re supposed to be in a variation of the same uniform, it’s the slightest bit annoying.  I’m not saying I mind Rose getting what I feel is the superior implementation of the design, but I do really wish Hasbro would fully commit one way or the other.  Rose’s paint is decent, though not without its flaws.  The big issue with my figure is the eyes, which aren’t lined up properly.  There were two sets at the store where I picked this up, and I assure you, this one was the better of the two.  Beyond that, it’s mostly pretty passable work.  There’s not a whole lot going on, but it’s a good match for what we saw on the screen.  Rose includes a standard First Order pistol, as well as one of the heavy guns first included with the FO Legion set.  Like the rest of the TLJ line, Rose is Force Link compatible.  I got: “I’m ready for my mission,” “Quickly, Stormtroopers are coming!”, “Quiet! We have to be careful,” “Take cover!”, and an assortment of blaster sounds.

BB-8 & BB-9E

Once again, the only way to get a BB-8 is as part of a multi-pack.  I think that’s just going to be this character’s lot in life, since selling him on his own just doesn’t seem practical at all.  Also along for the ride is his “nemesis,” BB-9E.  Both droids measure about an inch and a half tall and have a single ball joint at the base of their head.  Both of them sport brand new sculpts, which do a respectable job of capturing the droids from the film.  I like that the time was taken to give them both completely unique sculpts, as it keeps the set from getting too redundant.  Paint on these two is about what you’d expect.  I think BB-9E is a little cleaner, and just a slightly better looking scheme all together.  BB-8 suffers a bit from the lack of any sort of accent work, which causes the large sections of white plastic to be a little overpowering.  Both of these droids are also Force Link compatible, each playing a couple of clips of each droid’s “dialogue.”


This is a set that eluded me for a little while.  For reasons I can’t really understand, Hasbro decided to pack this trio in a case with more of the two-packs from the first series, as well as the Rogue One-themed Chirrut and Baze pack.  As the only truly new pack in the case, this one was guaranteed to be the first one to go every time.  Fortunately, on the way back from putting my brother on an early bus to New York, I was able to stop by a Walmart that had just opened and put their stock out, meaning I was able to finally get these guys.  Admittedly, it’s not the most thrilling set, but I like all three figures included enough to feel they were worth tracking down.

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