#1746: Tenth Doctor



So, this week, I’ve mostly been playing catch-up with stuff that’s been piling up, which translated to an even split between Star Wars and Marvel, two of my most frequent subjects.  Today, I’m returning to a franchise I haven’t actually taken a look at in over a year, Doctor Who!  For the past few years, Big Chief Studios has been offering up some of the Doctor’s incarnations in high-end format.  Today, I’ll be having a look at their second version of fan-favorite Doctor, Ten!


The Tenth Doctor was released by Big Chief in the fall of 2015.  He’s the second version of the Tenth Doctor released by Big Chief; by the time this figure was released, the first one was going for a rather hefty sum, so it was a sensible choice.  This figure is specifically based on Tennant from Series 4, his final year on the show.  The figure stands 12 inches tall and he has 30 points of articulation…at least going by the solicitation.  The exact articulation count is a bit difficult to get what with the outfit and all.  I’m willing to trust them on this one.

A lot of the cues that this is a Series 4 Doctor come from the head sculpt, or more specifically, the hair, which is notably springy and bouncy.  The sculpt is definitely one of this figure’s strongest suits.  It’s definitely a very close likeness of Tennant, though I’m not sure that it’s quite spot-on.  It’s a little hard to tell how much of that’s the sculpt, and how much of it’s the paint.  The prototype likeness is a little closer, which leads me to think it’s a paint thing.  It’s still not far off, of course, and as far as likeness goes, it’s about on par with a Hot Toys offering.  The paint’s not terrible.  In fact, it’s better than not terrible; it’s actually quite good.  You just have to accept that Big Chief is slightly less experienced than the likes of Hot Toys and Sideshow, and as such, they won’t be 100% the same quality.  The only real difference, I think, is that there’s a little bit less life behind the eyes.  It’s definitely a very minor, very subtle thing.

Ten’s outfit is made up of seven main pieces.  There’s the jacket, pants, shirt, tie, greatcoat, and shoes.  The clothes are all pretty well-tailored to the body.  Once again, not quite Hot Toys quality, but still pretty convincing for the scale.  The main suit is probably the best work, and replicates the styling of tight, very well-fitted suit that Tennant was known to wear in the show.  The tie is a little bit bulky, but admittedly, that’s the most difficult part to get right without risking it becoming too frail.  The shoes are a sculpted piece, which plug into place; they’re a very convincing recreation of his Chuck Taylors (as someone who wears a pair everyday, I can say they’re quite authentic).  Perhaps the weakest part of the whole ensemble is the great coat.  It’s not *terrible*, but it’s a little large for him, it’s kind of shapeless, and the fabric used doesn’t look quite right.  It’s also really light; it could have used some sort of weathering or something to help it look a little more “real”.  On the plus side, it has a wire running along it’s bottom edge, which allows for some nice, dynamic posing.

Ten is actually quite well-accessorized.  He comes with the basics, of course.  There’s an assortment of hands in all sorts of poses (including one holding the key to the TARDIS), as well as a pair of sonic screwdrivers (both extended and not).  There’s also a collection of episode-specific extras, largely geared towards Series 4-specific items.  He’s got three sets of eye wear: his glasses for when he’s being investigative, a pair of sunglasses, and his 3-D glasses from “Doomsday”. The arms on the glasses don’t quite fit properly over the hair, but you can get them pretty convincingly placed on his face.  He also includes his psychic paper with a note from River Song inviting him to the Library, his FOB watch in open and closed configurations, an Adipose, and an Adipose detector.  Lastly, he includes a display stand with a light up Galifreyian symbol.  And, if you want more display options, you can even remove the front flap of his box to use as a backdrop detailing the interior of the TARDIS.


My Doctor Who collection has largely been given to me by my Super Awesome Fiancee, and it’s been understandably limited to smaller scale items, which have allowed me a wider range of characters for my display.  Big Chief got into the game just as I was weening myself off of the higher-end stuff, so I never bought myself any of them, despite a moderate interest.  While this figure isn’t quite on the level of a Hot Toys offering, he’s still quite a satisfying figure, and definitely great if you’re a Tennant fan.

As you may have pieced together, this figure isn’t from my personal collection.  He was provided to me for review by my friends over at All Time Toys.  They’ve actually got two of him available for purchase via they’re store, should you be interesting in owning this figure for yourself.  If you’re looking for other toys, both old and new, please also check out All Time’s full eBay store front, and take a look at their webstore at alltimetoys.com.


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