#1800: Lady Deadpool



“Also known as Lady-D, Wanda Wilson suits up as Lady Deadpool and takes fighting the power to new heights…no really, look how high her ponytail is.”

In 2010, Deadpool was really hitting the height of his popularity.  And the best way to cash in on that sort of things is spin-offs, so we got the Deadpool Corps, a whole team of Deadpool offshoots.  Perhaps the most successful of the bunch was Wanda Wilson, better known as Lady Deadpool.  As such, it’s not a huge surprise that Wanda ended up as the first of them to get a Legends release as well!


Lady Deadpool is figure 4 in the Sauron Series of Marvel Legends.  Unlike the others, there’s no doubt whatsoever about her Deadpool ties.  Lady D was only really had the one look, a take on Wade’s standard costume from the time of her introduction.  The figure stands 6 inches tall and she has 27 points of articulation.  Lady D is using a body that’s a little bit Frankensteined.  She’s got the arms and legs of Phoenix, and the upper torso and feet of Dark Phoenix.  Not sure why that particular combo was chosen, but there it is.  If I’m honest, I think I’d have preferred a re-use of the recently introduced Psylocke body, since it’s got better motion on the arms, and the legs aren’t quite as skinny, but ultimately this works out pretty well for her.  There’s one minor flaw with this sample, though; she’s got two right feet!  They’re the flat-footed ones, so it was actually quite hard to tell until close examination.  And she’s an off-shoot of a Rob Leifeld character, so she’s really lucky to have any feet at all!  Lady D gets a new head, as well as add-ons for her harness, belt, and thigh pouches.  They’re all pretty nicely sculpted, and the head in particular is a very nice offering.  I like the slight dynamic flair to the hair, and the slightly askew nature of the eyes.  The add-on pieces are all decent as well, though, like with yesterday’s Bishop figure, I find myself wishing the thigh pouches were more fixed in place.  Unlike more recent Deadpools, Lady D’s wrist and ankle straps are painted, rather than sculpted.  Obviously, sculpted is always preferred, but if something was just going to be painted, these will do.  Speaking of paint, Lady D’s is pretty decent overall.  There are a few traces of slop on the edges of the black sections of her costume, but she’s otherwise quite clean, and she uses the same brighter red as the casual Deadpool.  Lady D is packed with a pair of katanas, though curiously she has nowhere to keep them when they aren’t in her hands.  The various Deadpools have all gotten sheaths on their backs for such things, so it’s off that Wanda didn’t.  On a more exciting front, she’s also packed with an extra head, but not just any extra head!  It’s Headpool, all that remains of the Deadpool from the Marvel Zombies universe, and a fellow member of the Deadpool Corps!  He’s actually pretty cool, with an articulated propeller on the top of his head, and a flight stand for easy display.  And, if you’re not into the whole disembodied thing, he can also be popped onto a standard DP body (the First Appearance figure from the last series would probably be the best match, but I don’t own that one, so he’s on the Marvel Now body in my shot).  Lastly, she includes the right leg of the Build-A-Figure Sauron.


Lady Deadpool, and the whole of the Deadpool Corps really, was introduced right around the time I hit my saturation point for all things Deadpool.  That being the case, I don’t have a huge attachment to the character.  That said, I do have attachments to good action figures, and Lady D is a pretty solid one.  Yes, I wish they’d used a slightly more posable body, and yes I wish they hadn’t skipped out on the sheaths for her swords, but the overall figure is good enough to outweigh those issues in my book.

Like the casual Deadpool figure, this one belongs to my friend Max from All Time, who I split the case with.  If you’d like one of your own, she’s still available through All Time’s store.  And if you’re interested in buying other Legends figures, or are looking for other cool toys both old and new, please check out their website and their eBay Store.

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