#1926: Silver Sable



“Fearless mercenary Silver Sable makes her mark as a skilled martial artist and lethal sharpshooter.”

This latest assortment of Legends is just hitting straight at a lot of my Marvel Comics blind-spots, you know that?  Today’s focus, Silver Sable (or, if you want to go by her real name, Silver Sablinova, because, hey, Blackagar Boltagon wasn’t bad enough), is a character I’m again not so well-versed with.  She comes from the same period of comics as Puma (their first appearances were less than a year apart, and they were from the same creative team), which is to say a period I’ve never sat down and read myself.  I’m a little more familiar with Ms. Sablinova, due to her prominent appearances during Dan Slott’s run on Spider-Man.  That, and the toys, which she’s gotten three of.  Today, I look at the most recent.


Silver Sable is figure 5 in the Kingpin Series of Marvel Legends.  She’s another Legends debut, like Puma and Night Thrasher before her.  She’s also our second white-haired femme fatale in this line-up after Black Cat, which is somewhat amusing.  Rumor has it, the two of them were actually in the line-up because of the proposed team-up movie Sony decided to shelve.  Sable’s look changed rather drastically after her original appearance, but since then she’s moved into a more consistent appearance, which is the one we see here.  This figure seems to draw from some of her more modern appearances, as denoted by her lack of fancy buccaneer boots, and the fact that she’s not super shiny and chrome.  A missed opportunity if you ask me.  Anyway, the figure stands 6 1/4 inches tall and she has 27 points of articulation.  She’s built on the Phoenix body, which has become Hasbro’s favorite female base.  For good reason, really.  It’s fairly versatile, and it poses pretty well.  I still think the legs are a bit skinny, but it looks reasonable for Sable.  She re-uses the shoulder strap, belt, and thigh pouch add-ons from the Lady Deadpool figure.  As with the Lady Deadpool figure, I really find myself wishing those thigh straps were somehow affixed to the legs, because they fall down a lot, but beyond that, the re-use works pretty well.  She also re-uses Kitty Pryde’s forearms, for some more noticeable cuffs to her gloves, and the hands from Black Widow, so that she can better hold her weapons.  It’s all topped off with a new head sculpt.  At first glance, the head looks a touch too large for the body, but after playing around with the figure and putting her into some better poses than how she was packaged, I didn’t find the proportions to look all that bad.  Sable’s paintwork is decently handled, but not without some issues.  The slight variations in the silver actually work pretty well, and provide a much greater contrast than I’d been expecting.  Unfortunately, Hasbro seems to have had some trouble with keeping the colors consistent from piece to piece, so the bluer silver in particular changes tones as it moves down the legs, to the point that the distinction between the boots and the rest of the leg is almost impossible to see.  Silver is a difficult color to work with, so I think Hasbro did the best they could.  The paint on the the head is particularly nice, with the face being quite clean, and very lively.  Silver Sable is packed with the two blaster-style weapons we saw with Domino and Casual Deadpool, but this time in a dark grey.  There have been some complaints about them cropping up again here, but, if I’m honest, I think Sable’s the character who looks best with them, so I don’t mind them.  Sable is also packed with the left arm of Kingpin.


Silver Sable continued the trend of figures in this line-up that I didn’t really feel like I needed. That being said, I liked the look of her well enough, and I was definitely going to finish that Kingpin figure.  And, as seems to be the other continuing trend of this line-up, she exceeded my expectations and is a solid addition to the Legends line-up.  If nothing else, she’ll provide an adequate body for the Lilandra head that’s being packed in with the upcoming Mystique figure.

I picked up Silver Sable from All Time Toys, who helped me get this whole set to review.  She’s currently in-stock at their webstore.  If your looking for other Legends or other toys both old and new, please check out All Time’s website and their eBay storefront.

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