#2087: Scorpion



“In order to track down Spider-Man, Mac Gargan undergoes an experimental procedure to fuse his body with an animal, becoming the super-powered criminal, Scorpion.”

Contrary to popular belief (i.e. Tim), this guy is *not* a Mortal Kombat character, nor does he have a chain, or a skeleton face, and at no point does Ed Boon lean in and say “that’s toasty” when he does that thing.  I can’t stress enough, that’s not this guy.  He’s a different guy.  The Mortal Kombat guy, for instance, wears yellow, where as this guy favors green.  There are other differences as well, but that’s the big one.  Anyway, here’s a look at this decidedly not MK-based Scorpion figure.


Scorpion is figure 6 in the Molten Man Series of Marvel Legends.  He is the final figure needed to complete the Molten Man Build-A-Figure, and is Scorpion’s very first time as a Legend proper, since his Toy Biz figure was part of Spider-Man Classics.  It was also released quite a long time ago, and Scorpion’s a prominent enough character that an update was definitely in order.  The figure stands 6 1/2 inches tall and he has 32 points of articulation, plus a bendable tail.  Scorpion is technically built on the Spider-UK body, but only technically; the only actual UK parts used here are the boots and the pelvis.  Everything else is all-new.  The build is a little skinnier than I tend to think of for Scorpion, but given the generally classic nature of this figure, it’s not all that off.  I definitely appreciate that the sculpted nature of the bands, much like I enjoyed the quilted pattern on last year’s Mysterio.  These are details that could be left off, and previously have been, but they took the extra effort, and that’s defintiely cool.  The only part I’m not super crazy about is the tail, and in Hasbro’s defense, apart from going through the very expensive process of segmenting the whole tail, there’s not much they could do.  I just find the bendable nature to be tricky to work with, as it’s not quite as mobile as I might like.  I suppose it’s an improvement to the static arms like we got with Doc Ock.  Scorpion’s color work is pretty decent, but it does have one issue that a lot of fans aren’t liking.  They’ve gone with the first appearance look for the mask, meaning the bottom of his face is painted green, rather than giving him the cowl-like appearance he would end up sporting later.  While I don’t mind it so much myself, I do feel like an extra head, even just the same head with the second color-styling, would have been the best option.  As it stands, Scorpion has no actual accessories of his own, though he does get the right leg of Molten Man.


I don’t know why, but I’ve really never had a huge affinity for Scorpion, so I don’t actually have all than many of his figures from over the years.  I didn’t pick up the old Classics figure, so there’s been this Scorpion-shaped hole in my 6-inch Spider-Man collection.  Since I was picking up the rest of the set, he was sort of along for the ride.  He’s a decent enough figure, though I can’t say he’s changed my opinion on the character all that much.

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