#2491: Rebel Soldier – Hoth



“After the battle of Yavin, the rebels fled from the Imperial Starfleet, seeking a new main base of operations. They settled on the frozen Outer Rim world of Hoth.”

For The Black Series, Hasbro’s managed to give us a quite a good number of troop building options for the Imperials, the Republic Army, the First Order, and even the Battle Droids as of late, but somewhat smaller in quantity at this point in time are the Rebel forces.  Admittedly, part of that’s to do with how it’s a fair bit harder to make an easy army builder of the not-so-faceless forces that back up our heroes.  We got a Fleet Trooper from A New Hope back in 2018, but he was based on a specific guy from the movie’s opening moments, so army building was a touch more difficult.  For our first proper follow-up to that figure, based on the main look of the rebels from Empire, Hasbro’s really throwing their all behind some true troop building.  Let’s dive right on into this review, shall we?


The Rebel Soldier (Hoth) is one of the five figures in the second assortment of the Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary sub-line of Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Black Series.  Unlike the first assortment, most of this round is new figures, or at least notably changed figures.  The Rebel is one of two all-new offerings, though he will also be showing up in the standard line as well this fall.  That’s a very smart idea on Hasbro’s part, because this guy is definitely one that warrants multiple purchases.  This guy is meant to replicate the frontline soldiers we see in the trenches on Hoth during the Empire’s invasion.  He’s doesn’t look to specifically patterned on any one soldier in the film, and is like many Rebel Soldiers a sort of an averaged appearance.  The figure stands just over 6 inches tall and he has 29 points of articulation.  I’m happy to see that the butterfly joints introduced with the Sith Trooper are becoming a standard offering for the line, because they really add to the posing potential on these figures.  It means that he can certainly get more realistic poses with his rifle, at the very least.  The sculpt on this guy is all new, a slight surprise, given they never did anything more with the Hoth Luke from early in the line.  I can’t say I blame them for going all-new, because that old sculpt is more than a little dated.  This is definitely one of the best of The Black Series sculpts, and I really love all the layers to this sculpt.  I can also really appreciate that they gave us a clean-shaven Rebel Trooper, since most of the Hoth troopers were without facial hair, and for some reason we still always end up primarily getting them bearded. The paint work on this guy is pretty basic  for the line.  It does what it needs to, there’s no noticeable slop or major issues with bleed over, and the face gets the face printing to keep him more lifelike.  Now, onto perhaps the best part of the figure: accessories, and by extension, customizability!  This guy gets both a Blastech A-295 rifle and a DH-17 blaster, as well as a pair of goggles and a bandanna for more layout possibilities.  What’s that?  You want more customizability?  Well, pull off his enviromental pack from his back, pop of the panel at the bottom and, boom, extra faceplate, sporting that beard that these toys all seem to love.  With all of the extra parts, you’ve got a lot of distinct combinations, making army building with this release very easy.


I’ve been waiting for some good Rebel Soldier army builders since The Black Series started, and while the Fleet Trooper was cool, it’s never been my favorite Rebel look.  As soon as this guy was shown off, I knew I was down for him, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting his release since we saw him at Toy Fair.  Honestly, in hand, he’s even better than I’d expected.  The options for customization on this guy are really fantastic, and I hope that Hasbro can keep this same energy going for when the Endor version gets its time up to bat.  I definitely look forward to some army building.

Thanks to my sponsors at All Time Toys for setting me up with this guy for review.  If you’re looking for Black Series, or other toys both old and new, please check out their website and their eBay storefront.

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