#2697: Black Roritchi



Most of this week’s Transformers reviews are quite current.  Today is different.  You may ask “why?” and I would answer that I have this unfortunate habit of buying Transformers and then maybe kinda sorta forgetting that I even got them, for a space of at least a few months each.  This is especially true of the Generations Selects figures, which have a tendency to be more obscure characters, and also are repaints, occasionally of figures I’ve already got.  They’re kind one of those items that I use to fill out a week of reviews, and also the most frequently dropped items when I decide to rework my schedule.  All of this is to tell you, my dear readers, why there’s this one not-from-this-year review in the middle of this week.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.  Crap, that’s the wrong in-house Hasbro property.  Well, let’s roll out, I guess.  There.  I said a Transformers thing.  Are you happy?


Black Roritchi was released as part of the Generations Select portion of the War For Cybertron Trilogy, falling under its Earthrise component.  He started hitting right at the end of last year.  Roritchi is another Modulator, like Greasepit.  He’s based on a previously Japan-exclusive concept, the companion piece to BlackZarak, a Scorpinok retool from the Super God Masterforce line, who was also the leader of the Guardminders from the cartoon of the same name.  I’m sure those are a bunch of words that make a lot of sense to a very large portion of my reader base, right?  Or at least a few of you?  Okay, to be fair, they only barely track for me, and I’m the one who wrote them.  In robot mode, he stands about 5 1/2 inches tall and he has 22 workable points of articulation.  Black Roritchi is largely a parts re-use of the main line’s Fasttrack.  It’s a sensible choice, since the original was likewise a re-deco of the original Fasttrack, and his animation model was also recolored from Fasttrack.  The only change between the two figure’s sculpts is that Roritchi’s head has been modified to remove Fasttrack’s antenna, an erroneous change made due to Roritchi’s antenna being black, and the reference image from the cartoon having a black background.  Hey, at least they didn’t misspell his name twice on the box, I guess.  That would sure be embarrassing.  Honestly, at least this way he’s a little bit different from Fasttrack, making them at least a little bit unique.  Regardless of which character the sculpt is representing, it’s a solid generic looking Transformer design.  It moves well, and the details cover all of the important elements shown on the vintage figure, while also adding a few more elements in order to make him a more thoroughly detailed figure in general.  The original Black Roritchi was all gold with purple wheels, but this figure uses the Guardminder Leader’s coloring, so as to make him a little more visually interesting.  Roritchi includes two blaster attachments and a small dagger piece.  The blasters can go over the hands, but the dagger doesn’t have any similarly built-in uses.

Black Roritchi’s alt-mode is a Cybertronian tank sort of thing.  It’s the same thing the original figure turned into.  Since he’s a Modulator, he transforms into it via partsforming, rather than an actual transformation sequence.  It’s not quite as much disassembly as some of the others, though, so it’s ultimately pretty intuitive.  Unlike some of the other Modulators, he’s only got the one dedicated alt-mode, but he can still be broken apart for use with other figures from the line.  Personally, I didn’t really find him as versatile as, say, the Siege Weaponizers, but I can appreciate the option.


After grabbing Greasepit, I kind of got attached to the idea of picking up the recolors of the Modulators, rather than the standard versions.  I liked the standard Fasttrack design well enough, but I opted to go with the slightly more unique color scheme of this guy when the opportunity arose.  He’s a nifty figure.  Not really essential, but nifty.

Thanks to my sponsors at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure for review.  If you’re looking for Transformers, or other toys both old and new, please check out their website and their eBay storefront.

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