#2880: Evil-Lyn – Revelation



…And onto the rest of the line!  Hey, that was pretty quick, right?  Almost like I….planned it that way.  Yes.  I planned it.  And I didn’t take several days off between these two reviews that you’re reading back to back.  Why would you think that.  I certainly didn’t actually get these two figures a couple of weeks apart from each other.  That would be crazy.  Even crazier if I spent almost my entire intro paragraph talking about it, instead of actually talking about the item I’m reviewing.  So, umm, what am I reviewing?  Evil-Lyn, the evil-est Lyn out there.  She’s usually Skeletor’s right hand, but Revelation takes her much further beyond that, and presents her as a very complex character, with one of the show’s most involved arcs.  I was definitely a fan, and now I’ve got the action figure, which is pretty good, too!


Evil-Lyn is another figure from the inaugural series of Masters of the Universe: Masterverse.  Where He-Man is based on his classic appearance from the first episode’s prologue, Lyn is seen here in her post-time-jump attire, which is what she spends most of the show wearing.  It holds onto a number of her classic design elements, mixed in with some more road worthy attire.  The figure stands 7 inches tall and she has 31 points of articulation.  Evil-Lyn’s base body is obviously different than He-Man, though it’s worth noting that the articulation scheme remains more or less consistent between the two main bodies.  There’s a little more range to most of the joints, of course, given the slighter frame.  I’m glad to see that they didn’t make the female base body inherently less articulated, as happens with a lot of other lines, Mattel’s prior lines included.  Additionally, I was happy to find out that the hip joints on Evil-Lyn aren’t prone to the issue with sticking that He-Man’s were, nor did I have any problems with the knees or elbows having any imperfections.  Evil-Lyn’s sculpt is currently unique to her, though I’d imagine that, much like prior lines, it’s going to see a lot of re-use on the upcoming Teela figure.  It’s a bit closer to the Classics aesthetic than the male body was, but it’s still a little slimmer, in keeping with the show’s animation style.  Since she’s a fair bit more clothed than He-Man was, that gives her sculpt a little bit more to do, making it a little sharper, and giving it the chance to showcase a little bit of texture work.  Evil-Lyn’s main head is wearing her usual headdress, which is a separate piece, giving it a little more depth.  It’s a nice piece, as is the underlying head, which has a pretty decent Evil-Lyn likeness from the show.  Much like with the sculpt, Evil-Lyn’s more involved outfit gives the paint a little bit more to do.  The application is all pretty sharp and clean, and she generally looks pretty decent.  Evil-Lyn has quite an impressive selection of accessories, with an alternate head without the headdress, her staff in both long and short set-ups (a great callback to the vintage line from the show, by the way), a satchel, and three sets of hands (in fists, gripping, and open gesture).  Compared to He-Man, it’s a very impressive offering.


Evil-Lyn is one of the best parts of Revelation, and I wanted the figure pretty much as soon as I finished up the show.  I’m definitely glad they wen’t with the post-skip version of her first, because it’s a pretty great design.  The figure does a really good job capturing the design, as well as giving her pretty much everything she needs.  Of the figures in the line so far, she definitely feels like the best value.

Thanks to my sponsors over at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure to review.  If you’re looking for cool toys both old and new, please check out their website and their eBay storefront.

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