#2935: Odin



“The king of Asgard, protector of the Nine Realms, and father of Thor, Odin has learned to appreciate peace over the centuries.”

Thor’s supporting cast kind of gets the short end of the stick when it comes to Marvel Legends treatment.  The line was on hiatus during the first film’s tie-in run, and Dark World wound up as one of the least merchandised MCU films in the entire franchise.  Ragnarok had a much better spread, but it was also the one least focused purely on the Thor cast.  Fortunately, the various anniversary and throwback lines have helped a little bit, and we’re finally getting a second 6-inch figure based on the first film (it only took us a solid decade), in the form of the Allfather, Odin.  Let’s have a look at him.


Odin is one of the five single-packed Infinity Saga sub-set figures from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, and the second of the four that got a wide release.  He’s based on his appearance in the first Thor film, specifically his fully armored attire from the film’s first half, which is certainly his most distinctive.  The figure stands about 6 1/4 inches tall and he has 31 points of articulation.  Odin’s articulation scheme showcases a lot of the more recent improvements to how things are handled in the line.  The elbows and knees both have the pinless construction, and the range of motion is generally better than the early MCU-based figures.  It’s certainly more than enough for Odin, given his actions within the films.  The only slightly frustrating bit on the movement is the shoulder armor, specifically the part on his bicep, which has a tendency to pop out of place and get caught on the joint when you’re posing him.  Odin’s sculpt is an all-new piece, as it kind of has to be.  The build is a decent match for Hopkins in the role, and the details of the gear generally match up pretty well.  There are some minor things, like the shoulder pads not quite having the right placement, but it generally works well.  The head he comes wearing has a more stern expression, which fits with Odin’s more typical disposition in the films.  The hair’s a bit more matted down on this one, as it’s directly designed to work with the included helmet.  The helmet is a strong piece.  It’s notably based on Odin’s more ornate throne room helmet, rather than his battle helmet; generally, I think this one has the superior design, so I’m alright with the choice. It sits well on the head, and is secure without being too tight, but also isn’t too bulky or goofy looking.  Odin’s paint work is rather nicely handled.  The mix of metallic and matte finishes sells the armored parts, and the application is generally pretty clean.  The face and hair have rather lifelike features to them, as you would hope to see.  Odin is packed with an extra head, this time with a smiling expression, and designed more for a helmetless look, as well as two pairs of hands (gripping and an open gesture/fist combo), and his spear Gungnir.


I bough Odin largely because I was planning to buy the whole Infinity Saga set.  I don’t know that he really spoke to me on his own, and he’s ultimately the one I had the least excitement about going into it, especially given how little else we’ve got from Thor at this scale.  He did look cool in hand, and I do have to say there’s a lot I like about this figure in the end.  He’s still not gonna be my favorite from this set, and I think he’s one that’s gonna fall through the cracks for a lot of people, but he’s certainly a solid offering.  Now, can I please get the Warriors Three at some point?

Thanks to my sponsors over at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure to review.  If you’re looking for cool toys both old and new, please check out their website.

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