#3029: Q9-0 (Zero)

Q9-0 (ZERO)


“A bug-eyed protocol droid with modified programming, Q9-0 — or “Zero” to his colleagues — operates with precision timing.”

The Mandalorian‘s first season had a minor running gag of pairing off Din, who was seen by some as just a stand-in for Boba Fett, off with other characters that were in some way stand-ins for the other bounty hunters from the scene aboard the Executor in Empire.  The most straight forward was, of course, IG-11 (who was even meant to just be IG-88 at an early stage of production), but Din also faces down some Trandoshans (the same species as Bossk) in the second episode, and in Chapter 6, one of his companions on the prison heist mission is Q9-0, a bug-eyed protocol droid turned bounty hunter, with some not unlike 4-LOM qualities.  And he’s also voiced by Richard Ayoade, which is a pretty cool thing in and of itself.  Now he’s got a figure, which is admittedly, not voiced by Richard Ayoade in reality, but is voiced by him in my mind.


Q9-0, aka Zero, is the 11th figure in the Mandalorian sub-line of Hasbro’s Black Series‘s Phase IV incarnation.  He’s the first of two Mandalorian figures in the assortment that hit retail last fall, and also the first figure to be based specifically on Chapter 6 of the show.  The figure stands about 6 inches tall and he has 30 points of articulation.  The movement on his arms is notably a bit restricted, largely due to design, but the legs get a much better range.  Whatever the case, he’s totally capable of getting all the appropriate movement for the character based on the show, as well as a little more movement in the legs, so he does what he needs to.  Zero’s sculpt is an all-new offering, not borrowing from any previous protocol droid sculpts.  It’s a good recreation of Zero’s on-screen design.  There’s quite a lot of detail work going into it, and the articulation is pretty well worked-in aesthetically.  He’s got a separate, albeit nonremovable, shoulder harness with some pouches, as seen in the episode.  It adds a nice touch of character to him, as well as giving him something that looks more worn-in compared to his more machined body, which makes for a cool contrast.  Zero’s paint work errs a bit more on the basic side.  All the standard color work is there, and he gets a little bit of accenting in a few spots, but generally, it’s just the basic.  It does rob the sculpt of some of its punch, just a bit, but because the sculpt is a s strong as it is, the lack of paint doesn’t really ruin the figure, either.  Zero is packed with a single blaster rifle.  He has a little bit of trouble getting it into his hands properly, but it’s otherwise pretty cool.


Zero was certainly my favorite part of Chapter 6 (I’m a sucker for cool droids), so I was hoping we’d wind up getting him figure form at some point.  I was fairly happy to see him turn up here.  The figure is pretty middle of the road all things considered, but that means he’s still far from a bad offering, and he’s probably my second favorite in this particular assortment.  I’m curious if we’ll see the rest of the crew from this episode, especially in light of Mayfield being based on his Season 2 appearance, but I’m honestly content to just have this guy, really.

Thanks to my sponsors at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure for review.  If you’re looking for toys both old and new, please check out their website.

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