#3138: The Armorer



“The Armorer plays a vital role in keeping the culture of the Mandalorians alive. She forges beskar armor in the ancient tradition of her people”

The first series of Mandalorian-themed Retro Collection figures was very much focused on getting a diverse selection of rather distinct figures released.  As such, some of the more memorable looks, even from Season 1, were omitted, on the basis of presumably not wanting a bunch of similarly themed figures.  Series 2, which is more based around the show’s second season, is a bit more comfortable with having, for instance, no less than four figures wearing some form of Mando helmet.  For the first non-Din of those figures, I’m actually looking at our one truly Season 1 figure from the set, the Armorer.


The Armorer is part of the six-figure second Mando-themed series of Star Wars: Retro Collection.  Much like Greef Karga was the first assortment’s only Season 2 figure, she’s the only Season 1 figure present here.  While she’s of course shown back up since, she hadn’t when the figure was announced.  The figure stands just over 3 1/2 inches tall and she has 5 points of articulation.  As a later addition to an earlier set, the Armorer seems to follow the late-run Kenner styling, a la Stormtrooper Luke.  She’s a more detailed and refined looking figure, which feels more appropriate for this particular design.  This is aided by the presence of a soft-goods “cape” piece, which straps over the figure’s shoulders.  I really like it.  It adds a lot to the figure’s overall presence and design.  Her coloring takes the show’s design and filters it through that vintage lens a bit, making it brighter, and just a bit more basic.  It works well, and it’s unique and eye-catching.  The stuff that’s there is well applied and clean, and what’s overlooked is consistent with how vintage Kenner figures would have been handled.  The Armorer is packed with both her tongs and her large hammer, both of which she can hold with relative ease.  They’re oversized, and slightly tweaked in terms of shaping, making them accurately inaccurate, if that makes any sense.


The Armorer’s design is one of the first season’s coolest looks.  Of all the season 1 characters I wanted to see them circle back around to after the initial assortment, she was definitely the highest on the list.  There’s definitely something very classic about this look, and it translates exceptionally well to this style.  She’s probably the best figure in this assortment, honestly.

Thanks to my sponsors at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure for review.  If you’re looking for toys both old and new, please check out their website.

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