#3247: Ace Duck



What’s this?  Another TMNT-centered review?  But I just did one of these in February!  Certainly it’s too soon!  Okay, I’ll lay off my usual lead-in for TMNT reviews now.  Back in February, when I looked at my last TMNT item, I took my first look at Super 7’s Ultimates umbrella of figures, of which they’re TMNT line makes up quite a hefty portion.  While I’m not one for getting all of the Turtles over and over again, I do quite like some of their allies.  I’ve already looked at my favorite of the bunch, Casey Jones, but now I’m following up with something of an under-dog character, in the form of Ace Duck.  While Casey is a fixture of most incarnations of the franchise, Ace Duck is a far less explored character, with only a handful of rather brief appearances, most of them not even that closely related to his original toy.  But, he’s a duck in a bomber jacket, and it’s hard not to find that cool, right?  Right.


Ace Duck is part of Wave 6 of Super 7’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates line, which also includes Sewer Surfer Mike, Slash, Scratch, and a Mousers pack.  This is actually Ace’s second figure this year, quickly following up on NECA’s toon-based version.  This one, like the rest of the line, is specifically based on Ace’s vintage toy, albeit upgraded to a more modernized detailing and articulation scheme.  The figure stands just shy of 6 inches tall and he has 30 points of articulation.  His articulation scheme is pretty similar to Casey’s, which makes sense.  The waist is still kind of restricted, but the neck’s a little better on this figure.  The rest of the joints have a decent range of motion, and he’s quite stable on his feet.  He’s sporting an all-new sculpt, which takes the original figure’s sculpt and upscales and adds a little bit more to it.  In a similar fashion to Casey, the nature of Ace’s toy design relative to his very brief animation appearance makes him more comparable to NECA’s offering, though his adherence to the toy design results in this particular figure having a lot more in-depth detail work, especially when it comes to his exposed feathering.  The head sculpt sticks pretty close to the vintage head, keeping the general expression and detailing, just larger and with a little more going on.  He’s got that same goofy, crazed look going on.  Ace Duck’s color work is rather on the basic side, which is kind of expected.  Most of it’s molded colors, and that works out alright.  There was some concern brought up that the brown for his jacket was a bit too light, and I can see that.  It’s perhaps a touch too light, but not as bad in person as I’d feared based on early reports.  The rest of the molded colors are pretty spot on, though, so it works out alright.  The paint work is lighter, with some work on the face and jacket, as well as some accenting on the feathered areas of the figure.  As with most Super 7 Ultimates, Ace is packed with an impressive selection of accessories.  Like the vintage figure, Ace is packed with his pilot’s cap, his wings and tail (which in this release are now three separate parts, rather than one), a bandolier with removable grenades (six of them for this one, rather than the four from the vintage figure), and a small pistol.  In addition to the strictly vintage inspired items, the figure also gets five sets of hands (fists, gripping, trigger finger, open gesture, and relaxed), a Tommy gun, an alternate head with an aviator cap and a cigar, a pair of goggles, and an alternate jacket piece without the holes in hit for the wings.  It’s all topped off with one of those simulated weapons trees that all of the figures in the line have been getting.  Ace, much like Casey, didn’t have a tree on his vintage figure, so Super 7’s had a little more fun with it, making the excess look like a plane’s landing gear.


It’s actually Ace Duck that really sold me on the Super 7 Ultimates as a whole.  I’ve just always wanted an Ace Duck; the duck in the bomber jacket’s just a cool look.  Same reason I love Launchpad McQuack.  Whatever the case, I was weighing my options on Casey Jones figures, and Ace Duck got shown off around that time, and I just really liked the look of this guy.  As with Casey, this figure comes with a hefty price point, but one that really feels worthwhile.  He’s a lot of fun, and I love all the extra stuff they included.

Thanks to my sponsors over at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure to review.  If you’re looking for cool toys both old and new, please check out their website.


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