#3311: Padmé Amidala



“Padmé has worn many mantles during her young life, including queen, senator and warrior. To each role, she brings her characteristic poise and intelligence, whether she is in the midst of a diplomatic discussion or facing a menacing encounter with an enemy.”

Hey, it’s a Padmé review.  Oh man, is Ethan gonna use the same over-used gag he used the last time he reviewed a Padmé?  No, I don’t think so.  I lost the will to keep doing that joke.  It’s really a shame.  Okay, that’s the only time, I swear.  Anyway, since The Clone Wars is a prequel-era story, Padmé is unsurprisingly a recurring player in the series.  Her focus was a little heavier on the earlier side of things, which meant she was also an early addition to the tie-in series of figures.  I’m taking a look at the first of her figures today.


Padmé Amidala is figure 20 in Hasbro’s Clone Wars tie-in line. She’s the second figure in the line’s fourth assortment, still during the line’s first year.  This was Padmé’s first of two figures in the line.  This one was based on her repurposed outfit from the end of Attack of the Clones, which is really one of her most consistent designs, so it made sense for starting out of the gate.  The figure stands about 3 1/4 inches tall and she has 10 points of articulation.  Compared to the rest of the line up to this point, Padmé’s articulation was a rather notable step down.  She wound up with the worst of both worlds, lacking the elbow joints like Ahsoka and Asajj, but also lacking the knee and ankles like the initial Jedi releases.  It makes her a rather stiff figure.  Not exactly a ton of fun to play with.  The sculpt is at least an okay offering, I suppose.  She matches up pretty well with her animation design, and the work is generally pretty crisp and clean.  She’s really scrawny, but that’s kind of just how the design works.  The paint work on Padmé is pretty basic stuff.  The application is pretty clean for the most part, and all of the important details are covered.  Nothing super thrilling, but it’s what it’s supposed to be.  Padmé is packed with her small blaster, a droid blaster, her cloak, and a removable headdress.  She’s got some trouble holding the blasters due to the shaping of the grip on her hands, so the clear bands used to hold them in the package were almost a necessity to keep things in place.  The headdress piece stayed in place surprisingly well given the hair, and the cloak is a pretty solid piece on its own.  There’s even a cool printed pattern on both, which is really fun.


I don’t recall much about getting this figure.  She sort of falls into the era of just grabbing figures as I saw them, usually in batches.  I think with this one, I probably grabbed her at the same time as the 212th Clone, who would have been my main interest of the purchase.  She’s not exactly one of the line’s star pieces, and kind of shows some of the overall weaknesses of the line as it went into its mid-run.


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