#3335b: Aubrey Lynn Wilson



Oh yeah, it’s a review more than nine months in the making!  It’s a pretty epic one, you guys!  Not just your everyday review, by any stretch…which is why I’m running it on a Saturday, I guess.  Outside of the regular scope and all.  But it’s important, so it gets its own special day for review.  So, you know what, let’s just jump right into this one, shall we?


Aubrey Lynn Wilson was added to the Wilson Family on April 9th, 2023.  She was originally slated for April 15th, but her release date got moved up a couple of weeks.  There were initially reports that she might arrive a couple days earlier, but some production delays meant that the 9th was the day.  Aubrey is seen here in newborn form, circa her earliest appearances.  She’s about 20 1/4 inches tall (if you can get her to stand, which is admittedly a little tricky), and she’s got, like a ton of articulation.  Like, it’s hard to count all of the joints, really.  The range is pretty good on most of them, but she does seem maybe a touch fragile, so I’d recommend being careful when posing.  While there’s a lot of mobility, the joints are a little on the loose side, and can struggle to hold a pose.  The neck joint in particular is a little weak for the weight of the head, so you might want to support it when posing.  Also, she can’t really stand on her own power, and there’s not a stand packed in, so you’ll have to lean her on something, or possibly hold her up.  The figure’s sculpt is honestly just the best.  I mean, just look at those details.  They’re downright adorable.  Whoever handled the sculpt put in some top-notch work.  Obviously, she’s a bit on the softer side, but that’s true to this era of the character design.  I also really dig the internal design consistency on the face, and how it looks so much like both of her parents.  That’s a nice touch.   The amount of hair present is honestly a bit shocking, and could seem excessive at first glance, but it really works well for her. The coloring on Aubrey is overall okay.  The skin tone came out just a touch yellower than initially expected, but not by much, and it’s probably going to sort itself out.  The eyes are blue, but I have to wonder how that’s going to hold up over time.  Aubrey isn’t packed with any accessories by default, but she’s kind of a pack-in herself, so that’s pretty understandable.  There are a plethora of accessory packs available (like the bottle, burping cloth, and pacifier set seen in the picture), and she’s compatible with all sorts of extras from other figures in the same line, so there’s still plenty of customizability.


You know what would have been great?  If I could have run this on April 1st.  Couldn’t.  Would have been cool, though.  But, in the mean time, I ran a different gag post….and then decided to also run this post, because I still like it.  Anyway, this somewhat tongue-in-cheek post serves as the site’s official announcement of the arrival of my daughter Aubrey last weekend, in the wee hours of Easter morning.  I’ve been prepping for this for some time now, so there shouldn’t be any interruptions in the reviews, but you might see a heavier helping of older items, since my time is a little more split at the moment.  And that’s pretty much it…


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