Baron Zemo II

BaronZemoIIBaron Zemo II, aka Helmut Zemo, is a Marvel Comics character.  He is the son of Heinrich Zemo, one of Captain America’s foes from World War II.  When Cap killed Heinrich in retaliation for the death of Bucky (it’s okay, Bucky got better!), Hemult swore to get his revenge.  He initially took on the guise of the Phoenix, before a fall into a vat of chemicals left him disfigured.  Following this, he took his father’s moniker as Baron Zemo and formed a new version of the Masters of Evil.  This new group attacked the Avengers mansion and was almost victorious in defeating the team, before they were brought down by Captain America.  Following the disappearance of all of the major heroes following their battle with the monster Onslaught, Helmut reformed the Masters under the guise of the Thunderbolts.  The team kept up the heroic charade until the heroes returned, at which point Zemo attempted to return them to their old ways.  The team rebelled and sent Zemo on the run.  Zemo has remained a recurring foe for Captain America, and recently helped to found a new incarnation of Hydra.

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