#0074: Barbarian



I’ll be taking a look at another entry from the always cool LEGO Minifigure line.  Getting the figures relies mostly on blind luck, but you luck out occasionally and get the figure you want.  This is one of those.


The Barbarian is the 1st figure in the 11th series of the LEGO minifures line.  The Barbarian is on the usual LEGO body.  The LEGO Minifigures are generic characters, but occasionally are influenced on an existing character.  The Barbarian draws a lot of his inspiration from the lead character from the recent John Carter movie, with a fair bit of Conan thrown in.  He has a medium length hair-piece that I do believe was first used on Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.  Practically every piece of the figure has some form of paint detailing.  Everything is really sharply executed, and the fine details are really cool.  This guy looks like a seriously battle-hardened warrior.  The Barbarian includes two swords and a black LEGO stand.  The swords are a bit rubbery, but do the job, and the stand is as good here as ever.


I picked this guy up at a bookstore at the beach, while staying there for a friend’s wedding.  I picked up a sizeable selection of the bagged figures, hoping this guy would be in the mix.  I like the John Carter influence, and since the chances of getting any kind of officially licensed toys from the property seem slim at this point, that’s who I’ll be using him as.