#3308: Dinobot Slug



I’m getting to the point now where my Transformers reviews are infrequent enough that I’m honestly not the greatest at coming up with compelling intros for them anymore.  Mostly I talk about how long it’s been since the last one, and that’s kinda boring, right?  And sure, I can stumble my way through a “let’s prattle on about the complex differences between this and that version of Ultra Magnus or Soundwave” intro, but what happens when I’m out of that comfort zone?  This.  Rambling.  Meta.  Yikes.  Alas, there’s just no helping it, I’m afraid.  One of the subsets of Transformers in the G1-incarnation is the Dinobots, a group of Autobots that turn into, you guessed it, dinosaurs.  The main one is Grimlock, who I’ve looked at previously, but there’s a whole contingent, which are slowly being done in Studio Series, and before they’ve even wrapped up there, they’re also being done in Core Class!  So, I’m looking at one of the little guys, Dinobot Slug, today!


Dinobot Slug (formerly Slag, before that word’s use as a slur in the UK led to a rebranding) is part of the first 2023 Core Class assortment for Transformers: Legacy, which is now brandishing the additional Evolution heading for the year.  He’s one of two Dinobots in the line-up, the other being Dinobot Sludge.  That’s not bound to get confusing at all!  In his robot mode, this guy stands just over 4 inches tall and he has 10 practical points of articulation.  As you might expect for a character with this chunky a build, his movement is a bit on the restricted side, but he generally manages pretty well; the most notable things are the lack of elbows, and the iffy movement of the neck, but those aren’t terrible.  Also, in his robot mode as shown by all the official shots, the waist joint is rendered motionless by the back, but if you flip the back pieces up, you can make use of it.  It also simulates the “wings” that prior versions of the character had, so it’s honestly how I prefer him to be.  The sculpt is an all-new one, which is quite G1-inspired, of course.  He’s a bit more kibbly than, say, the Studio Series equivalent, but given the scale, he makes for a good recreation at this size.  Adding to his out of the box quirks, he also had the upper legs reversed when I opened him, but since they’re on ball-joints, they’re easily swapped back to the way they’re supposed to be.  Or are they?  The innards of the thighs, the part stamping indicates that they’re meant to go as they were assembled out of the box.  So…umm…it’s a toss-up?  I personally like them the way I have them, so I’m leaving them that way.  So there.  As per usual, Slug’s alt-mode is a robotic triceratops.  It’s not a terribly difficult transformation, and the end result is a fun little chonky boi, so I consider that one a win.  He also gets an additional mode, which turns him into the upper torso and head for Volcanicus, the combiner that all of the Core Class Dinobots are going to add up to.  I’m not planning to get the others, so it doesn’t really do much for me, but I guess it makes for a nifty bust sort of thing?  Sure, let’s go with that.


Back when the Studio Series Dinobots started, I was still pretty deep into Transformers stuff, so I was actually entertaining the thought of picking them all up.  By the time Slug hit, I was already moving away a bit from the line, but he was a triceratops, and that’s, like, my favorite dino, so I wound up grabbing one of them…who then proceeded to sit under my desk for over a year, untransformed, unphotographed, and unreviewed.  I felt like maybe I wasn’t really fully appreciating him the way I should, so I decided it might be time to let go of him, right around the time that this one got shown off, meaning I could still have a triceratops, without needing to go to Leader Class scaling for him.  I honestly wasn’t expecting a ton from this figure when he came in, but he’s one that I find myself surprisingly impressed by.  He’s just a very fun little guy.  I dig it.

Thanks to my sponsors over at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure to review.  If you’re looking for cool toys both old and new, please check out their website.