#3152: Evangelion Proto Type 00′



I don’t talk about Evangelion much around these parts, largely because it’s very brain break-y, and I tend to need to unbreak my brain a bit after.  So, I’ve only got the one prior review here on the site, and then I took a year and a half hiatus to rebuild a little bit of my sanity.  Shortly after my own personal rebuild, I decided to risk tackling the Evangelion Rebuilds, and there was a rather timely release of another Eva that was up my alley right around that same time.  With my break thoroughly broken again, I guess I might as well just lean into it and review this here additional figure!


Evangelion Proto Type 00′ is part of ThreeZero’s Robo-DUO line, a line dedicated to robots from a number of anime properties.  She’s the third of the standard Evas to join the line, and started arriving in the last month or so.  As with the Robot Spirits release I looked at last year, this version of Unit 00 is based on the updated design from the Rebuilds, matching up with the other Evas from the line.  The figure stands about 10 inches tall and has 40 points of articulation.  Compared to the Spirits figure, this one’s definitely a lot larger, of course, but it’s also a fair bit less agile.  It’s partly the way the joints are laid out, but it’s also the largely die-cast metal construction of the figure, which not only makes her a bit heavier (meaning her joints need to be tighter to compensate), but also means there are some spots that just aren’t afforded the same amount of flex.  The figure is still capable of plenty of poses, especially the deeper crouches and lunges that the Evas are prone to do, but getting her there certainly takes a little more effort.  Of course, on the flip side, it does mean that this figure is a lot less prone to falling over, which I certainly like.  00’s sculpt is all-new, detailing the updated design.  Where the Spirits release had options for both early and late-game looks, this one sticks to her more armored appearance from later.  It’s my favorite of the two, personally, so that’s quite alright by me.  It means less swap-out parts, of course, but with most of the parts being metal, not swapping them around so much is much better for the figure’s long-term condition.  The sculpt is generally pretty strong, doing a solid job of replicating the animation design.  The arms are a little on the softer side in terms of detailing, which kind of clashes with the rest of the body, but on the flipside, that means that the rest of the body is quite sharply detailed, and I really dig that.  00’s paint work is pretty decent overall.  The colors are a little bolder than on the Spirits figure, which I personally like just a little bit more.  The application is mostly pretty clean, with the arms again being the outliers for quality; there’s a bit of slop on the white/orange change-overs there.  I do really dig the markings, as well as the panel lining on the bulk of the figure; it helps to make the sculpt really pop.  00 is packed with a whole plethora of accessories, which includes five sets of hands (fists, trigger finger, gripping, claw gesture, and wide gesture), two styles of plug (long and short, for displaying and storing, alternatively), a rifle, the Enchanted Shield of Virture, a removable umbilical with posable cord, and a display stand that swaps for the umbilical, and even looks like the umbilical at the end.  Apart from the cord not easily swapping into the stand’s umbilical, everything is pretty cool.  I miss the extra armor parts, but getting the shield certainly makes up for it.


Picking up the Spirits Eva 00 last year got me into a pretty positive mood for Eva stuff, and this figure went up for order right around that same time, and that’s how they got me.  I was able to get one specially ordered through All Time, and from there it was just a patient wait for her to finally get released.  This release doesn’t have the versatility of the Spirits release, but it’s certainly got a presence to it, and I’m very happy to have added it to my collection.  I dig the fully armored design a lot, and I dig the serious heft that this figure has behind it.  I’m also really digging getting to try out so many of the various different styles of figure that ThreeZero offers.  They’re steadily becoming one of my favorite new companies I’ve discovered.

Thanks to my sponsors over at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure to review.  If you’re looking for cool toys both old and new, please check out their website.

#2758: Evangelion Proto Type 00/00



Despite being a pretty big fan of the whole big mechas versus big monsters sub-genre, I somehow managed to avoid any major exposure to anything Evangelion until the last two years.  I know, shame on me.  Last winter I marathoned my way through Neon Genesis Evangelion and it’s follow-up movies, and then after a few months, my brain started working again, and now we’re kind of here?  I did enjoy the show, despite it’s brain breaking properties, and I certainly was down for some toys.  Fortunately for me, there’s a lot of options on that front!  I’m decidedly going with something generally more on the recent side, and I’m kicking off my collection with Eva Unit-00, who I’m taking a look at today!


Evangelion Proto Type 00/00, or Unit-00 for short, was released as part of Bandai’s Robot Spirits toyline.  She’s figure 270 in the line, and marks the second of the Evas for the line.  This particular version of Unit-00 is based on her appearance in the Rebuild of Evangelion movies.  While Units 01 and 02 remain rather similar to their original designs, Rebuild does mix things up a little bit more for Unit-00, who in the original begins as an orange mecha, and then switches to blue for her more armored appearance.  In Rebuild, she instead keeps a more consistent orange and grey color scheme between both appearances.  The figure stands about 6 inches tall and has 54 points of articulation.  This sucker’s pretty darn mobile, with a very impressive range of motion.  My prior exposure to Robot Spirits was through the Pacific Rim figures, and they  were solid for what they were, but the posability definitely wasn’t like this.  The figure’s designed for a lot of deep poses, as the Evas are prone to get into within the series, and that definitely works out very nicely.  I was also quite impressed by the engineering of the articulation, and how it works within the sculpt.  By far the coolest part is on the neck, which has a segmented construction that actually simulates stretching and compressing.  It’s really cool.  In general, the sculpt, which is quite an impressive piece of work, does a really good job of working in the articulation in an aesthetically pleasing way, while still maintaining a nice bit of accuracy to the source material.  Speaking of accuracy to the source, Unit 00 has two different looks in Rebuild, and this figure is actually designed to replicate both of them.  Right out of the box, she’s in her later, more armored up appearance, complete with the shoulder pylon things.  The shoulders are even on separate joints, so that you can keep them properly oriented, and out of the way of the arms when posing, which is pretty cool.  The shoulders, chest plate, and part of the thighs swap out for secondary parts, allowing for a conversion to the more streamlined appearance from earlier on, which looks pretty good too.  I’m more a fan of the out of the box set-up, but extra display options are always fine by me.  Unit 00’s color work is bold and clean, which is what you want to see on such figures.  A lot of it’s done through molded plastic, but the actual paint application that’s there is cleanly applied as well.  I certainly had no issues with it on my figure.  Unit 00 is quite nicely accessorized.  There are, of course, the previously mentioned alternate armor pieces, but on top of that she gets six sets of hands (fists, gripping, flat, relaxed, and two different styles of open gesture), an umbilical power cord, knife, smaller rifle, larger gun (complete with a spinning drum), handcuffs, an alternate open port for the plug, and some sort of crucifix antenna thing that I assume is somehow plot relevant to Rebuild.  It’s a really impressive selection of extras, and pretty much covers anything I could possibly think of wanting for the figure.


Since I hadn’t seen anything Evangelion-related until the last two years, I also hadn’t gotten any of the toys, since I (typically) steer clear of toys for things I haven’t really experienced.  After watching the show, I definitely found Unit 00 to be my personal favorite of the main Evas, and I was definitely down for some version of it in toy form.  I’ve been looking at my options, and then this one wound up being the first of the Robot Spirits Evas to come into All Time, which certainly made my choice quite simple.  It’s a really fun figure, and probably the most fun I’ve had with a Robot Spirits release.  There’s so much cool stuff going on, and so many different options for display, but at the core of it, there’s a figure that’s just really, really fun to play around with.

Thanks to my sponsors over at All Time Toys for setting me up with this figure to review.  If you’re looking for cool toys both old and new, please check out their website and their eBay storefront.