#0327: Jayne Cobb




Of all the Firefly toylines out there, Funko and Super 7’s Firefly ReAction Figures line is certainly the one with the most characters. It is certainly the best Firefly line in the 3 ¾ inch scale that imitates the vintage Kenner style. This line’s versions of Wash, Zoe and Kaylee can’t be beat! Ummm….okay, so I may be reaching for things to say here. So here’s the sad state of affairs, guys: as I continue with the reviews of the Firefly ReAction Figures, I find the quality to be on a bit of a downward slope. Let’s continue that slope with Jayne Cobb, who is hands down the best hired gun on board the Serenity!


JayneWilsonJayne Cobb was released in the first series of Firefly ReAction Figures. The figure is about 3 ¾ inches in height, and he features those very familiar 5 points of articulation we’ve all seen before. Like the rest of the series, Jayne has been given a look that sort of epitomizes his look from the show. Here’s where things go off the rails. I’m not going to say that the sculpt is bad per say. It’s just that Funko’s sculptors seem to have based their sculpt on some alternate universe where Jayne was played by David Schwimer instead of Adam Baldwin. I can see the confusion, though. I mean, Adam and David are both… tall, and uhh… Okay, they aren’t really that similar. All joking aside, Jayne has been saddled with the worst sculpt in the series. His proportions are odd, his arms stick out weirdly, his torso’s too flat, and his head is just wrong. Jayne, who should be a rather big and imposing guy, has been reduced to a scrawny, silly looking toy. That hardly does the character justice. To give Funko some credit, the detailing on the boots, gloves, and belt are actually really nice, but they aren’t enough to save the sculpt. The best that can be said about the figure’s paint work is that it’s clean. That being said, it’s not terribly exciting, and the work on the face doesn’t really do much to help the unfortunate sculpt. Jayne comes packed with both a handgun and his very favorite gun, Vera. These are cool, but, like Mal, Jayne has some trouble properly holding them.



Just like the rest of the “post-Wash” Firefly reviews, Jayne was acquired via Amazon. Cutting right to the chase, Jayne’s not a very good figure. That being said, as I pointed out with Kaylee, I can’t bring myself to hate this figure. For all its flaws, it fills me with just a bit of joy to even have these figures on my shelf. Jayne may not be a great figure, but Wash was. It wouldn’t feel right to only have part of the crew on display, so Jayne becomes necessary. It’s also important to keep in mind that this style of figure doesn’t mesh with every character. Jayne’s mean to be a cool looking, big, imposing guy. Let’s all keep in mind that Kenner turned this into this. That’s not a complaint against Chewbacca, it’s a statement that these figures will always look a little goofier than their counterparts. Jayne is not one of my favorite figures, and the first series of Firefly ReAction Figures are not without flaws, but I don’t regret the purchase of a single one of them. Take that for what you will.