Guest Review #0037: Overworld Alex




The following is a guest review by Jill Mardesich.  For more from Jill, check out her blog Future Music Educator Rambles on Life.

Minecraft by Mojang is a game that has managed to sweep the nation, and one of my personal favorites. It is available in just about every platform you can think of, minus Wii and other Nintendo consoles. Because, you know, Nintendo doesn’t play well with others. Alex is the female version of the basic player character (Steve), and I absolutely adore her. She’s not super exciting, but the design is so much more interesting than Steve’s, and she’s a girl.


Alex2Alex is, as stated before, the female player character in the wildly popular game, Minecraft. She is a part of the third series of Minecraft figures. She stands approximately 3 inches tall and has 6 points of articulation. She is a very blocky figure, which follows the game’s overall aesthetic. Her paint work is exceptionally detailed, but there are some fuzzy edges along the facial features, and there’s some pretty noticeable slop on both of her arms, but especially the left one. The orange of her hair is nice and vibrant on top of her head, but when painted onto the body, it seems to have been applied overtop the green of her shirt and causes the color to look really dingy and just… off. From a distance she looks awesome, but up close she gets a little disappointing. I don’t care that much though, because I’m really into her as a character anyway. For her accessories, she comes with a bow, a gold sword, and a Slime. The box looks pretty cool, but the edges of the paintwork are not clean, and it’s a little tricky to get her to hold it in a secure fashion. The sword is pretty nice, the paintwork is super neat and the sword is immediately identifiable as the material it is made of in the game. The Slime is a cool item to receive, replacing the normal building block that comes with the figures in this line. It also looks really cool, a 1.5 inch cube made of transparent green plastic with different shades of green plastic on the inside to provide the detailing. It leads a super clean likeness to the Slimes in the game, and a really cool looking piece. My one complaint about the Slime character is that the color green for the transparent plastic is a rather dark green, which is inaccurate to the game and causes the detailing inside to be difficult to see. If the transparent plastic was a lighter green like it is in the game, I think the details inside the Slime would be more vivid and impressive.


Even though there is literally no story to the game Minecraft, I have loved Alex since she was introduced. She was a surprise to me in one of the updates (because honestly, who actually reads the entire update list when they log in to Minecraft?) and I was ridiculously excited to discover that my Doctor Who skin wasn’t working and it was instead I got to meet Alex. I think she has a really cool design, and I think the fact that she was such a surprise to me is part of the reason why I love her so much. She was like a present that I never expected. It seems fitting that my wonderful boyfriend Tim got her for me at the store in the same manner. She’s not a perfect figure, but she is still really cool and I’m excited to have her.

#0288: Iron Golem




What’s this? Two video game reviews in a row? Is Ethan feeling okay? Will the sentences stop being questions? Yeah, it’s time for another Birthday review, Part 8, in fact. Once again, this figure comes from a video game, but this time it’s a game I’ve actually played quite a bit: Minecraft! This particular figure is based on the Iron Golem, one of the game’s NPCs, which can be built by a player in-game.


IronGolemWilsonThe Iron Golem was released as part of the second series of Jazwares’ Minecraft line. The figure stands about 4 inches tall and features 6 points of articulation. As far as I can tell, the figure sports a brand-new sculpt, though it’s possible that the legs may be re-used from one of the line’s other figures. I don’t have any of them to compare, so I can’t be sure. The sculpt looks pretty good. It’s not a complex design, but they’ve done an admirable job translating to three dimensions and adding points of articulation. The paint is really great in that it looks simple, but it’s actually very calculated so as to capture the pixelated detailing of the character really well. It gives the figure a nice, unique look, and makes it instantly recognizable to fans of the game. The Iron Golem includes a rose and an iron block. These are pretty clever, as roses are one of the Iron Golem’s favorite things, in-game, and the iron block is a pivotal piece to building the character.

IronGolem2 IronGolem3


The Iron Golem is another of the gifts I received for my birthday. My brother had originally wanted to get me this figure instead of the Heavy, but he couldn’t find the Golem in time. However, on the way home from dinner on my actual birthday, my family agreed to stop by the nearby Toys R Us with me. I found the Iron Golem, and my parents went ahead and bought it for me. How cool are they? The Iron Golem is my favorite of the designs from Minecraft and I was decently excited to see the figure turn up in series two. I can’t really see myself getting into the rest of the line, but the Iron Golem makes for a pretty decent standalone piece.