#0313: P-Body




Guest reviews are still something I’m getting used to on this site, I must say. I’ve had them for a little while, but for the most part Tim and Christian have their own interests separate from mine. Believe it or not, there’s some cross over, which means, occasionally, one of them will own a figure I do. This creates the issue of duplicate reviews, an issue I’m facing today. See, Christian and I received our Atlas and P-Body figures at the same time. He was very excited about them and asked if he could do some guest reviews. Obviously, I obliged. I also didn’t want to steal his thunder, so I pushed my own reviews back a little. Thing is, I don’t really know that I have any new ground to cover here, so I’ve actually been pushing these two back for over a month. I’ve finally given in, so here goes. Let’s start with P-Body.


P-BodyWilsonP-Body was released as part of what I’d guess you’d call the second series of Portal 2 figures from NECA. According to Christian, P-Body’s a girl, which seems weird to me, but I guess if you have to assign genders to inanimate objects, P-Body could be a “girl.” P-Body is about 7 ½ inches tall and features 17 points of articulation. The sculpt is totally unique to P-Body, and I believe it may have been built from a 3D model of the character. Everything looks pretty much spot-on to the design from the game, so that’s all pretty good. The sculpt does limit what you can do with the articulation, but that’s not too surprising, given the design and scale. P-Body’s paint seems to be pretty clean over all. There’s a fuzzy line here or there, but nothing too bad. P-Body has a light-up feature. By pushing the button the figure’s back, you can enable the light up eye, which will stay-on until the button is pushed again. It seems just a tad bright to look right, plus it’s battery powered, so I can’t see many people leaving it on long term. Still, it’s a cool feature. P-Body includes a portal gun, painted to match the figure. It also lights up, via the same type of mechanism.


I got P-Body as part of a set with Atlas online. Christian had found P-Body at Toys R Us and was wanting an Atlas, so I ordered the set so we could both save on shipping. So, yeah…

Anyway, I was always second player, so I suppose I can kind of connect with P-Body. It’s a pretty great translation of the design to action figure form, and for $25 it’s pretty much a win!