#2539: Grey Hulk & Rhino



Last week, I took my first glance into the hopeless abyss Series 7 of Marvel Minimates, an assortment that’s not generally looked at as one of the line’s best, largely due to its overall lack of actual new stuff for the line.  This issue is really at its worst with today’s offering, which in notable for offering absolutely nothing new, a first for a specialty assortment offering for the line.  So, without further ado, let’s try not get too bored as we look at Grey Hulk and Rhino.


Grey Hulk and Rhino were released together for Series 7 of Marvel Minimates.  Previously, both figures had been the “hidden” figures in TRU’s Hulk/DD and Spider-Man 5-packs respectively in 2003.  Grey Hulk was also packed with Ultimate Spider-Man for an SDCC-exclusive pack, also in 2003.  Rhino, for his part, was also paired off with Captain America for the Target/Walmart packs.  What I’m getting at is that these guys were hard *not* to get.


Grey Hulk (or “Franken Goblin” as Super Awesome Wife has decided he’s called in our house) is a fairly standard Hulk variant, and a pretty simple one at that.  He’s pretty much the same set up as the regular Hulk, being the standard long-footed body with a hair piece.  His hair piece is notably a different one than the standard.  This one attempts to go for Hulk’s earlier hair style, where it was all just on the top of his head and he had the more prominent brow.  It doesn’t quite work out as well as they’d hoped, and ultimately just ends up bulking up his head, making his body look even more puny by comparison, just further pushing the main issue that plagued the first release.  The paint work on this guy is again pretty similar to the original, with a but of a color swap, of course.  He also gets a slightly different facial expression, and one that I kind of like a little bit more than the standard’s.  It’s a shame it didn’t get ported over to green.


Rhino is an interesting character to pair off with Hulk.  It’s not that the two have never fought, because they have, but it’s infrequent, since Rhino’s typically a Spidey villain and all.  It’s also perhaps not the most exciting color pairing either, since both of these guys are mostly grey.  That certainly can’t help with the overall meh feeling on the set.  Rhino was another pretty basic ‘mate.  He’s the standard body with an extra piece for his helmet.  The helmet’s actually pretty nice, and does a solid job of capturing Rhino’s look.  Like Hulk, Rhino looks a little scrawny without the add-ons to bulk him up, but it was the style early in the line.  Rhino’s paint work was pretty detailed, with musculature on his torso, and even some slight detailing of his “hide” on the legs.  That’s a cool touch.


Remember how I said you had to try *not* to get these guys?  Yeah, well, I somehow managed to not actually get them for 16 years after they were release.  I know, I’m a bit shocked too.  Like I was mentioning in my Chameleon/Spidey review, I think I just got a little put off by most of this assortment at the time, and just never had the drive to track them down after the fact.  Ultimately, I snagged them from All Time last fall.  They aren’t that bad, but they also aren’t that exciting, and getting them as many times as we did didn’t help things.

#0658: Rhino




Ha ha! We’ve reached the end of the set! Yes, after a week of Marvel Legends reviews, it’s time for the review of the Build-A-Figure. No putting it off this time, I swear. This time, it’s one of Spider-Man’s better known foes, the Rhino. He’s a dude in a rhino suit. That’s it. Some things are just simple. Unless you’re in Amazing Spider-Man 2. But we’re not, so yay! Let’s look at the figure already!


Rhino2Rhino is the Build-A-Figure for the third set of Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures. This is the second time Rhino’s been featured in the Legends line, and the third time he’s been featured in this scale, but it’s the first time Hasbro’s taken a stab at him in this scale and the first figure in quite some time. The figure stands roughly 7 ½ inches tall and sports 28 points of articulation, which is actually pretty impressive given the bulk of the figure. Rhino features a brand new sculpt, and a pretty great one at that. The proportions of the figure are pretty great; they’re exaggerated, but in a balanced way, which gives him a nice, solid look. The “hide” of the suit is incredibly well-detailed, on just about every visible surface, and feels pretty unique to the character. I’ll be curious to see if Hasbro is able to find another use for this sculpt. The shoulder pads are removable, if you so choose, which is a nice option, I guess. The figure features two head sculpts, allowing Rhino to be displayed as either his modern or classic look. The fully cowl-ed modern head is more on the calm side, but still looks intense enough for some decent action poses. It’s also got a second, smaller horn, which differentiates it from the second head. The open-faced classic head is more extreme in expression, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, it’s well sculpted, and it makes for some really fun potential poses. On the other, it’s a little on the goofy side, and looks absolutely ridiculous in any sort of normal standing pose. It’s not helped by the fact that the paint’s a little wonky on the classic head, particularly around the eyes (a common theme for this particular series, sadly.) The other head fairs a bit better, mostly due to the lack of pupils. The body is mostly just molded in grey, but there’s a nice wash to help bring out the texture, which looks pretty good. Aside from the extra head, Rhino has no accessories, being an accessory himself. Honestly, the head is more than expected, so kudos to Hasbro there.


I hadn’t initially planned on finishing this figure, mostly due to not really wanting all of the figures in the series. But, I did like the look of him, and getting a full set proved easier and more cost effective than tracking down singles. So, here he is. I actually really like him. I wish the paint on the classic head was a bit better, but the modern head is pretty great, and I love the body sculpt. This feels like a pretty worthy version of the character.