#0467: Robby the Robot



So, we jump from one robot to the next. I’ve looked at a modern day robot with Pacific Rim’s Tacit Ronin, an 80s robot with Transformers Hero Mashers’ Soundwave, and now I’ll be looking at one of the classiest robots there is, Robby the Robot.  Robby is, in my opinion, one of the coolest robot designs of all time, and he’s far out placed the movie he originally appeared in, Forbidden Planet. Robby’s had his fair share of merchandise over the years, so it’s no surprise that Funko, masters of securing the toy rights to everything (I half expect them to have the toy rights this blog…) are currently producing their own assortment of various Robby stuff. Funko’s big on offering lots of diverse characters as part of one big assortment, which is the idea behind their Science Fiction Vinyl Figures line.


Robby here is part of the first assortment of Science Fiction Vinyl Figures. The figures are blind boxed and offered in differing ratios. Robby is one of the more common figures, at a ratio of 1:12. The figure is about 2 ½ inches tall. He has no articulation, but that’s pretty common for a line of small vinyl figures.  The figure depicts Robby in the style of the line. His design means that he’s less stylistically changed than some of the other figures in the line. Generally, his proportions are tweaked a little bit. The hands and feet are larger and a little blockier, and the details within his head dome are simplified a little bit. The sculpt is very well done; it’s simple, but the details that are there are really made to count. The design’s been tweaked, but it’s still very clearly Robby. He’s sculpted in a fairly straight forward standing up, arms outstretched pose which is picture perfect for Robby. Robby’s paint is simple, but well done.; it’s nice and clean. I do wish the body color were a little darker, but what’s there isn’t bad. It just results in the figure’s colors melding a little bit. Robby includes no accessories.


I picked up Robby from Hot Topic while I was out shopping with Super Awesome Girlfriend. As is the case with most blind boxed figures, he was gotten at random. I picked up two figures from the line and Robby just so happened to be one of the first two I grabbed. Robby’s one of my favorite robot designs and one of my favorite movie characters in general, so I was thrilled to have gotten him. I don’t know that I’d be up for every character in the Funko’s vinyl style, but it works really well for Robby.