Updates, Updates, Updates


Okay, after a whopping four months being out of date, the Review indexes have all been updated.  I will try not to let them get so out of date in the future, because it just means extra work for me in the end.

As I’ve touched on in a few of my reviews, I recently had a rather big move.  I wasn’t able to bring my whole collection with me, but I can still see them for visitation on special occasions and holidays.  Hopefully full custody will follow.  Nevertheless, I’ve got more than enough figures to review where I am now, so there shouldn’t be any direct effects on my output here.

Lastly, in prep for my move, I was digging through some old boxes and discovered not only a large quantity of previously missing figures (who will be slowly finding their way to the site), but I also found a rather hefty supply of accessories to figures I already had, including some that have already been reviewed here.  Because I still want all my reviews to be as complete as possible, I’ll be rolling out some addendums to older reviews to touch on the accessories and perhaps on how some of my opinions have changed since the time of the review.

So, that’s pretty much it…