#1098: Zoe Washburne




If Wash is my favorite character in Firefly, then today’s focus, Zoe, is a very close second.  Zoe was one of those amazing female characters who was strong in her own right, but not without a few weaknesses to make her human.  Unrelenting in a fight, but not without compassion.  Deadly serious when she needed to be, but just as funny as any other member of the crew when the moment was right.  She’s probably the most “normal” of Serenity’s crew, but that never made her less interesting.  Zoe was awesome.  And awesome characters deserve awesome action figures.  So, does Zoe have an awesome action figure?  Let’s find out!


zoeylegacy2Zoe was released as part of Funko’s first (and so far only) series of Firefly Legacy Collection figures.  Of the five figures released, she’s #5.  That seems sort of odd to me, since she’s second in command, and Gina Torres was second billed on the show.  Weird.  The figure stands about 6 inches tall (she’s a fraction of an inch shorter than Wash) and has 26 points of articulation.  Or she should.  My Zoe’s left elbow swivel is frozen, and given the breakage possibilities with these figures, I’m not pushing it.  Her hair also limits the range of motion on her neck joint, but that’s more or less expected, so I can’t really complain.  Zoe gets a brand-new sculpt, which I actually think turned out a fair bit better than Wash’s.  While his was good, there was a sort of cartoony-ness to it, that made him feel a little off.  Zoe, on the other hand, feels a lot closer to the GoT figures in terms of style, which I think is really great.  The likeness on the head isn’t a spot-on Gina Torres, but it’s very close, certainly close enough that you should easily be able to identify who this is supposed to be.  The rest f the body sports some pretty solid detail work from top to bottom, and I especially like how detailed her hair is.    Just all-around, this figure’s sculpt feels like a step up from the Wash figure, which is good.  The paint work on Zoe is pretty solid, too.  The basic application is all pretty clean.  There’s a bit of slop here and there, but it’s reasonable.  Her eyes are a little goofy looking too, but once again, not awfully so.  The clothing all has nice accent work, which does a lot to make the sculpt pop.  Zoe is packed with her faithful shotgun, as well as a smaller pistol, both of which fit nicely in the figure’s hands.


I picked up Zoe at the same time as Wash.  Like Wash, I was sort of putting off picking her up until I had some sort of confirmation of getting the rest of the cast.  When I found them for half price at Think Geek, it was enough to nudge me into getting both of them, since I was essentially getting them both for the price of one.  Zoe is the superior of the two figures, I think.  The sculpt is great, and so is the paint.  Maybe the movement could be a bit better, but she’s a really solid figure.  She is an awesome figure, befitting an awesome character.


#0325: Zoe Washburne




The vintage 3 ¾ inch style has recently come back into fashion. Leading the charge are Funko and Super 7, with their ReAction Figures. They started the line off by releasing the unreleased Kenner Alien figures, and have moved onto their own unique sculpts based on other properties. Among the first properties to be released in the style was Joss Whedon’s Firefly. So far, I’ve looked at the ship’s captain Malcolm Reynolds and the pilot Hoban “Wash” Washburne. Today, I’ll be taking a look at Mal’s right-hand (wo)man and Wash’s wife, Zoe Washburne.


ZoeWilsonZoe is another figure from the first series of Firefly ReAction Figures. She’s roughly 3 ¾ inches tall and features the classic 5 points of articulation. Like Mal, Zoe had a fairly consistent look over the course of the series, with mostly just the colors changing from episode to episode. Zoe features a totally unique sculpt. It’s a pretty decent sculpt, and it probably captures the Kenner style the best of all the figures in the series. The figure bears a passing resemblance to Gina Torres, which I suppose fits the style of the line. The face does seem just a slight bit too thin, but it isn’t terrible. It would also be nice if the hair allowed for a bit more movement, but this is actually a complaint about true vintage Kenner figures. The paint on Zoe is where things fall apart a bit. Viewed as a whole, it’s not bad, but it’s not great. Close examination brings out some serious issues of bleed over as well as a bit of slop here and there. The biggest issue is the figure’s hairline, which is a total miss. It looks like the paint app for her skin was just totally misaligned, which leaves it bleeding pretty heavily into what’s supposed to be her hair. Her eyes and eyebrows seem to be shifted a tad upward too, which means they don’t quite line up with the sculpt. Another issue, which I didn’t even notice at first, is that they’ve painted the upper part of her torso incorrectly. It should be done in a flesh tone to match the rest of her skin, but they’ve accidentally painted it the same color as her leather vest, making it look like she’s got another shirt underneath the green one. If you don’t know it’s supposed to be that way, it’s not too bad, but it looks odd once you’ve seen what it should look like. Otherwise, the paint is fine, I guess. Zoe includes a shotgun, which is pretty signature to the character. Her grip isn’t quite right to hold it, but it’s no worse than how Mal holds his revolver.

Zoe2 Zoe3


Zoe was purchased along with the rest of the series from Amazon. Zoe’s definitely in my top three for favorite characters on the show (after Wash and Kaylee), so I definitely wanted her to be a good figure. The sculpt isn’t bad, but the paint work is a serious letdown. With a better paintjob, I really think this could have been one of the best figures in the line. As it is now, I think it’s still the second best, after Wash, but it’s nowhere near the quality of that figure. She’s not a bad figure by any means, but she could be better.