#0046: Greedo



Today, I’ll be looking at the final figure from the second series of Star Wars: The Black Series.  Okay, technically, going by the numbering on the figures, he’s the second to last, and Han, who I reviewed yesterday, is the last.  But this is Greedo, and every good Star Wars fan knows, he does NOT get a shot at a review first.  So, yeah, I’ll be looking at Greedo, punching bag of the Star Wars universe.


As I said above, Greedo is part of the second series of Star Wars: The Black Series.  He’s #007, and he’s based on the only possible look to base Greedo on, the jumpsuit/vest combo he wears during his fatal encounter with Solo.  Greedo is the tallest figure in the series, standing just over 6 inches, and he features about 20 points of articulation.  Like everybody else in the wave, he’s got a brand new sculpt.  It looks good, and seems to be accurate to Greedo’s look from the film.  The vest is a separate sculpted piece, with a fairy basic jumpsuit sculpt underneath.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hasbro reuse parts of this figure in future waves.  Greedo’s head and hands are his most distinctive parts, and they’re rendered well.  I don’t know if they’re 100% screen accurate, but they’re certainly close enough for me.  The paint on Greedo is actually a bit better than the rest of the wave.  He’s got a little bit of slop on the yellow stripe on one arm, but other than that everything looks pretty sharp.  I was most impressed by the fact that the yellow detailing continues under the vest, where it’s rendered virtually invisible.  It’s a nice touch that most companies would over look.  Greedo is topped off by a blaster pistol.  This is a bit light when compared to the others in the series, but there are very few things one can give a character who appears for less than five minutes.  Unless the wanted to throw in an alternate torso with a hole in it, but that seems a bit morbid.


Greedo is a surprisingly cool figure.  I wasn’t sure I really wanted him, but I bought a full set in order to get Han and Boba.  Having Greedo in hand, he’s become one of my favorites.  I hope that Hasbro puts this much effort into some of the more important characters.


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