#0048: Iron Man Mark VI – Hologram



So, wacky variants.  They tend to be a staple of action figure lines, particularly those that are based on films and such where the main character might only have one or two looks.  And that’s nowhere near enough for toy makers.  They have to make the kids buy them all!  They reached their heyday back in the 90sm most prevalently with Batman, but they still appear from time to time.

Case in point with today’s figure in question: The Holographic version of Iron Man’s Mark VI armor.  He hails from Hasbro’s tie-in line to 2010’s Iron Man 2.


The Holographic Mark VI, or HMVI as I’ll be referring to him, was released as part of a K-Mart exclusive three pack of armors.  It featured a War Machine in camo, and an Iron Monger painted to look like the Hulkbuster armor, but I don’t have either of them.  HMVI is not based on a look from the Movie, instead being totally made up so that the toymakers could make another figure out of the same Mark VI mold.  He stands just shy of 4 inches tall and has 18 points of articulation.  The sculpt is exactly the same as that of the basic Mark VI.  The difference is that he was molded in clear blue.  He features some minor paint to give him some kind of a crosshatching detail, which is actually pretty cool.  He features no accessories, which is a bit of a bummer, but since Hasbro has a tendency to just throw in a dumb missile launcher, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.


I bought this figure for one and only one reason:  it looked really cool.  And it still does.  Sometimes, you just have to buy a toy because of how awesome it looks.  Perhaps the toy companies are on to something…


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