#0118: Gearion – The Lord of Light



I’ll be continuing my look at the latest set of figures from Weaponeers of Monkaa today.  Yesterday, I looked at Midas, the Golden Gohlem.  Today, I’ll be looking at his leader, Gearion: The Lord of Light!  On to the review!


According to the backstory on the Spy Monkey website, Gearion is the former leader if the heroic Gearo, and the father of current leader Empyreus.  His look here is based on his appearance as the Lord of Light and the leader of the Golden Gohlem.  As with the tow previously reviewed figures, Gearion is built from the same basic parts as everyone else in the line.  Like Midas, Gearion is molded in gold plastic.  In his default setup, Gearion stands about 4 inches tall and has 17 points of articulation, 19 if you count the swivels on the ear thingies.  Like the rest of the line, he features all of the other heads in addition to the one he comes wearing, and he can use several of them to change up the build of the figure.  The sculpt is the same as the rest of the line, which is to be expected, as that is the nature of the figures.  The big thing that differentiates Gearion from Midas is the level of paint apps.  Gearion has what is probably the most intensive paint work in the line so far.  He’s got paint on every surface, and he’s even got a pretty sweet beard to help make him look a bit different than Empyreus, with whom he shares a head.  The other heads all have great work too, and look pretty good when switched out.  There’s a tiny bit more slop on Gearion than was present on the previous figures, but I’m willing to be more forgiving, given the more extensive nature.  As a DX figure, Gearion includes two vac-metalized swords, as well as the standard short blade and sickle, molded in gold to match Gearion’s armor.



I got Gearion and the rest of the new set of Weaponeers as soon as they were up for sale at the Spy Monkey Store.  Gearion is pretty impressive, especially since he features so much more paint than previous figures.  He’s not my favorite in the set, but he’s up there, and he continues the line’s trend of just being plain fun!

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