#0117: Midas: The Golden Gohlem



So, I took a one day break, and now I’m back to one of my favorite toylines of late, Weaponeers of Monkaa.  They just released their 4th set of figures about two weeks ago, and mine arrived earlier this week.  So, I’ll be taking a look at the  4(ish) figures that were just released.

Up first, it’s Midas: The Golden Gohlem!


Midas is one of the Gohlem, who are essentially the army builders of the line.  He’s the second case of one of the Gohlem getting an actual name, but the Gohlem are supposed to all look the same, so if you had a bunch of this figure, you could certainly build quite the Golden Gohlem army.  Most of the Gohlem don’t have a specific affiliation, which allows you to choose which side to put them on, but Midas and the rest of the Gohlems are actually affiliated with Gearion, who was also released as part of this set.  I’ll be looking at him tomorrow.  Like I mentioned in my review of Lifespring Empyreus, every figure in the line is built from roughly the same parts, just in different color sets.  Midas is (unsurprisingly) molded in gold plastic.  In his default setup, Midas has 16 points of articulation and stands a little under 4 inches tall.  However, my version of Midas stands a little taller, and has 3 additional points of articulation, as I added the ear-thingies from the Empyreus head and the lower torso piece, which is typically not included in the default Gohlem setup.  Not much new to say about the sculpt.  It’s exactly the same as Empyreus’s, and it looks just as nice here.  Midas is quite a bit lighter on the paint, with detailing only on his two insignia plates and the eyes on the various heads.  This is to be expected, as Midas is one of the basic releases, which have less paint apps.  What’s there is nice and clean, with no noticeable issues.  In addition to the assorted extra heads and the like, Midas includes the standard short blade and sickle, molded in gold.


I procured Midas along with the rest of this set as soon as they went up for sale.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting each subsequent release in this line.  Midas is a good example of what the basic figures in the line can offer.  And like I said in my review of Empyreus, I can’t recommend this line enough!

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