Guest Review #0001: Raiden



Hey guys! Today, instead of the typical review by yours truly, my friend Tim Marron will be stepping in for a guest review. If you like today’s review and want to read more from Tim, be sure to check out Timsical Thoughts, where Tim posts a daily random thoughts about life, the universe and everything, as well as Tim’s Blarg where he talks about his work as an artist. Raiden1 To start things off, hello. My name is Tim and I will be handling this, the first of many guest reviews. While Ethan appears to have action figures from movies, TV shows and comics pretty much nailed down, basically all of my action figures stem from video games. But enough about me for now, let’s get down to the review. Ninjas and cyborgs. What two things could possibly be a better combo than that?  Such a happy combination falls to today’s review of the main character of the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Raiden. That’s Raiden as in “riding” minus the “g.” Not to be confused with Raiden (ray-den) from the Mortal Kombat franchise.


RaidenAccessoriesRaiden was released in February of 2013, right alongside Konami’s release of MGR:R. He stands roughly 11″ tall and features 35 points of articulation, 45 if you include the arm on his sheath. His design is taken from his appearance in the game after the fateful duel against rival “Jetstream” Sam Rodrigues which happens at the end of the first chapter/prologue. Square Enix was the first company to release an MGR:R Raiden figure so all of the sculpting is the first of its kind. The sculpt itself is excellent, combined with a damn-near perfect paint job the figure looks like it was pulled right out of the game itself. Only real gripe I have with the figure is that the little strap thingies that connect to Raiden’s torso can be a bit of a pain if they come untucked from his hip piece, but I can understand the design choice since it allows an accurate character depiction while still maintaining very good posablility. I suppose the face could use a bit of extra color to bring out his features some more, but honestly, I prefer the way he looks with his mask on, so it doesn’t bother me. Raiden comes packaged with his signature High-Frequency Blade, sheath, tanto knife, 3 high-frequency throwing knives with a pouch to hold them, a pair of open hands, a pair of grasping hands, a pair of standing feet, a pair of grasping feet, VR visor/mask, and hair piece. Now, to those of you asking “what the heck are grasping feet?” allow me to explain. In the game’s context, Raiden’s feet make it look like he is wearing heels, when in actuality, that heel works like a big thumb, allowing him to wield his sword with his feet. It is no exaggeration to say he will kick dudes apart. And yes, the figure can do it too.

THE ME HALF OF THE EQUATION When MGR:R was set to come out, I was so excited for it that I pre-ordered it at my local GameStop which, for those who know me is extremely unusual behavior for myself. A) I bought a brand new game at full retail price, and b) I put in the effort to pre-order something at all. As it turned out, the game delivered on all of my expectations and I spent the next couple months ranting about how much I love it like a huge nerd. When I discovered this figure, there was no doubt in my mind I would own it because, again, I’m a huge nerd. I managed to pick it up, brand new, off eBay for a decent price. He now stands proudly atop my printer, pointing his sword menacingly at my roommate’s half of the room. I consider Raiden to be my first real entry into the world of high-end action figures. The big scary world where the good stuff costs you an arm. Something I’m sure Raiden can sympathize with. ZING! Raiden2

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