#0197: The Magma Gohlem



Weaponeers of Monkaa is one of those great lines of toys that are desirable simply because they’re just really fun toys.  They aren’t a pre-existing property, just cool action figures.  Because of this, they are one of my favorite toylines, especially in this era of difficult to acquire, high priced figures from the bigger companies.

Today, I’ll be looking at the Magma Gohlem.  The Gohlems are the line’s “army builders,” and are meant to represent Weaponeers who haven’t chosen a side yet.


The Magma Gohlem was part of the first release of Weaponeers figures.  The figure doesn’t have a proper name, so he’s just meant to be one of the generic Gohlems.  Being the “Magma” Gohlem, his distinguishing feature is being molded in translucent orange plastic.  My previous reviews from this line have pointed out that every figure in the line is essentially made from the same set of pieces.  The Magma Gohlem sticks with this idea.  In his default set up, the Magma Gohlem has 16 points of articulation, and has a height of just under 4 inches tall.  However, thanks to the modular nature of the line, you can reconfigure him to stand taller and feature additional articulation, if you so choose.  I’ve reviewed this sculpt a few times before, so I don’t really have anything to add.  It’s still a stand-up sculpt, and everything looks and fits together great.  The paint on the Magma Gohlem is relatively minor, really only being used for his eyes and logos, but what’s there is cleanly applied, which is good.  The Magma Gohlem includes all of the extra heads available in the line, a lower torso piece that can be added for some more height, a short blade and a sickle, all molded in the Magma Gohlem’s orange plastic.


The Magma Gohlem was amongst my second set of figures purchased from Spy Monkey’s web site.  I had picked up the first release Vilhain, and the Crystal Gohlem when they were initially released, and liked them enough to pick up the rest of the first assortment.  The Magma Gohlem isn’t my favorite figure in the line, but he’s a solid addition to the line, and is just as fun as any other release in the line.

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