#0266: Ultraman Ace




My Ultra-Act reviews have slowed down a bit since I first got into the line, but that doesn’t mean my interest in the line has waned. I still have a few of the upcoming figures and re-releases on pre-order, so there should be a few more reviews on the way, just a bit more spaced out. I recently acquired Ultraman Ace, the 4th main Ultraman, and the star of Ultraman Ace, as well as a recurring character in the following Ultraman Taro. He’s also the adopted brother of Taro, and the adopted son of Mother and Father of Ultra, for those of you attempting to map out the family tree.


Ultraman Ace was a third quarter 2013 release in the Ultra-Act line. As is the usual standard with this line, Ace wasn’t part of a series; he’s just a single release. The figure stands about 6 inches tall and features the standard 40 points of articulation sported by most of the figures in the line. Ace was released around the time of the second version of the original Ultraman, which means he fits in nicely with the line’s more recent releases, and looks perfect with the rest of the Ultra Brothers. Ace’s sculpt is a pretty decent recreation of Ace’s look from the show. The shoulders are perhaps a tad bit broader than they should be, but the proportions look great otherwise. The paintwork on Ace is nice and clean, with no noticeable slop or bleed over present. Like any good Ultra-Act release, Ace features a nice selection of accessories, including: an extra color timer, a sword, a clip to attatch Ace to a stand, and 11 hands: fists (L and R), open gesture (L and R), karate-chop (L and R), sword-holding (R), peace sign (R), a right hand with an energy beam attatched, and two hands with a different beam attached. While that’s not quite as many accessories as my last Ultra-Act figure, Leo, it’s still a pretty impressive assortment. The sword adds some uniqueness to Ace, and the hands add for some additional character as usual.

UltramanAce2 UltramanAce6 UltramanAce5 UltramanAce4 AceWilson


Ace was a purchase I took my time on. I’ve picked up several other Ultra-Act figures in the last year or so, and I had the majority of the early Ultramen, so Ace was the biggest hole in my collection. Ace’s price came down a bit on Amazon, so I decided to go for him. I’m really glad I did. Ace has a great design, and the figure conveys it really well.


3 responses

  1. A lot of Ultramen only use their signature beam attack and don’t have a lot of weapons, one exception being Ultra Seven’s Eye Slugger. So, it’s harder for Bandai to come up with a lot of accessories at times. The inclusion of the “Ace Blade” (or some similar name) is nice, but it wasn’t used too much.

    The new version of Ultraman Tiga looks like a great improvement over the first release. I’m glad I passed on them, but I’m still on the fence if I should get the new one.

    That group picture is awesome.

    • Yeah, I realize why Ace had a few less accessories than others. He still has a pretty impressive selection, so I’m not really bugged by it. It was just a slight step down after the large selection included with both Father and Leo.
      I’m still up in the air on Tiga. The figure definitely looks cool, but I’ve actually been okay with Evil Tiga representing that era on my shelf. I am excited for the new Mebius, though!
      Thanks for the compliment on the group shot! I thought I should get a picture of the family.

      • I got the original Mebius figure during a sale. I look forward to seeing your pictures of the new version. It might convince me to upgrade.

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