#0268: Ophidian Squad Soldier




Once again, I’ll be taking a look at the Four Horsemen’s recent revival of the 1980s toyline Power Lords. Today’s figure isn’t based on one of the figures from the vintage line, but is a new design created by the Four Horsemen to allow for some parts re-use between the figures: The Power Soldiers! The Power Soldiers are an army builder, built on the same base as lead character Adam Power. This time around, it’s the Ophidian Squad Soldier!


The Ophidian Squad Soldier is part of the third set of pre-release of Power Lords, and is the third deco of this particular figure. Like the rest of the Power Lords line, the Soldier was available through the Four Horsemen’s online store. The figure stands about 3 ¾ inches tall and features 23 points of articulation (the extra point comes from the neck joint, to allow it to be swappable). The figure features a quality sculpt, just like Lord Power. In fact, from the waist down, he and Lord Power share all the same pieces. The torso and arms feature a nicely detailed sculpt to match the detailing on the legs. He also features a head sculpt, shared with all the basic Power Soldiers. It’s a really cool sculpt, with a neat featureless visor. The Power Soldiers were designed to be a less expensive item than the regular series figures, so the paint on the Ophidian Squad Soldier is basic. He’s molded in a dark blue plastic, with paint on his visor, logo on his torso, and his belt. It’s all cleanly applied, and the blue looks quite nice. He actually bares more than a passing resemblance to the vintage Cobra Commander design, which isn’t a bad thing. The Ophidian Squad Soldier features a staff and a rifle, which are the same ones included with Lord Power, but this time cast in dark blue.

PowerLords PowerSoldierWilson


I ordered the Ophidian Squad Soldier at the same time I pre-ordered Lord Power. I had actually been meaning to pick up one of the Power Soldiers since the first “pre-release” came out, but I kept missing the sales. So, when I was ordering Lord Power and saw that this guy was still in stock, I decided to go for it. He’s a fun figure, aside from the same hip limitation that plagued Lord Power. If the Four Horsemen could make a change to the base body, that would improve the figures greatly.

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