#0269: ED-209



I’ve never been a huge Robocop fan. It probably doesn’t help that Robocop 3 was the first of the movies I saw. It’s not very good, so I was kinda turned off the whole thing. I did eventually see the original Robocop, and I do think it’s a pretty good movie, but I wouldn’t rank it as one of my favorites. Still, it has some pretty impressive design work, namely on the title character and one of his nemeses from the first film, the ED-209. NECA has the license to the original movies, and they’ve put out a few versions of Robocop and one of the ED-209. Let’s take a look at the ED-209!


Ed-2092The ED-209 was a special online-only deluxe release for NECA’s Robocop line. The figure stands about 10 inches tall and features 15 points of articulation. It’s based on the ED-209’s design from the first Robocop movie. The figure features an all new sculpt, meant to replicate the look of the original ED-209 model. Near as I can tell, they’ve pretty much nailed it. All the details look to be in just the right places, and the figure features some great sculpted texture work, that really makes the figure look like it stepped off the screen. The amount of detail NECA has put into every little nook and cranny on this figure is nothing short of astounding. The figure’s paint work is pretty great too. There’s pretty much no slop or bleed over, and the paint does a tremendous job accenting all the details in the sculpt. I’d even say that the metallic sheen present on the figure’s main body makes it look more realistic that the actual ED-209 model! ED-209’s articulation is slightly limited, with just 15 points on such a large figure, but what’s there works really well, and while it’s too bad he doesn’t have any ankle articulation, but the figure is more stable that way. The ED-209 included no accessories, but he does feature a sound feature. When you press the button on the right side of ED-209’s head, he makes one of four possible sounds. I’ve included a video to demonstrate this. The clips are clear and loud, which is always a good thing with sound features.

ED-2095 ED-2094 ED-2093


When I got into NECA last year around the release of their Aliens line, I started picking up figures from some of their other lines as well. One of those was the second NECA Robocop figure. Not long after I picked the figure up, NECA announced their ED-209. I was initially interested, but when the figure was released, I didn’t have the $70 to spare, and I wasn’t sure I still wanted it. However, a few weeks ago, my brother Christian was looking at a few things on Think Geek, and I noticed they had the ED-209 marked down to $42, plus they were having an addition 20% off, bringing the figure to under $35. At that price, the figure was a steal! I’m glad I was able to find the figure at such a great price. At full price, I think the figure’s still okay, but I’m not sure I’d go for it.


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  1. NECA’s ED-209 looks really cool, but I didn’t get one, because it’s pretty pricey. I thought that I read somewhere that the figure is roughly the same scale as the model used in the film, but don’t quote me on that. Either way, NECA did a real good job on it.

    • Yeah, he’s pretty great, but the price was a bit high. I don’t think I would have gotten the figure had it not been for the deal I got on it. I think I also heard it was about the same scale as the original model. It’s cool if that’s true!

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