Guest Review #0009: Atlas





Hey guys!  The following is a Guest Review from my awesome brother Christian Wilson!  Take it away Christian…

Hello again! I’m back again for another action figure review because I’M OFF MY MEDICATION! This is Part Deux in the Deux Part series of action figure reviews about the Dynamic Robotic Duo, Atlas & P-Body! Today, I’ll be reviewing P-Body’s male counterpart, Atlas!


Atlas is the male robot, made by Aperture Laboratories, from the co-op portion of Portal 2 and works alongside P-Body. From our best boys at NECA, Atlas stands at about 7½ inches tall, just shorter than P-Body. Atlas boasts 15 points of articulation and has a blue LED light in his eye. This light, like with P-Body, is REALLY FREAKING BRIGHT! This figure is my favorite because of the design of the character. The ball (or head) moves side to side at 360 degrees and the figure is a lot stockier than P-Body, which make him easier to stand, so a lot less jimmying on this end. The paint job, like with P-Body, is fantastic and really brings the character to life (Ba dum Tshh!). The figure comes with no stand, but comes with his own personalized Portal Gun, with the colors of blue and purple in the game, but just purple here, because Chell’s Portal Gun was already blue-lit. The gun is the same model as Chell and P-Body’s, but has two blue lines along the top, which are a good paint job. Atlas does hold it pretty well, but it’ll take some work. The joints, for mine, took a while to ease up, especially in the wrists. So, I thought that he didn’t have any, until the Chief Executive [I guess I’m the Chief Executive — E] told me that he did. One of the problems I found with P-Body was the lack of good leg movement. Atlas does it better, but at the cost of having any shoulder articulation at all! This lack of articulation does stifle the fun a little for me but he is hindered TOO much by it.

WARNING: Like I said in my last review, these figures like to break A LOT. Luckily mine was from, and they guarantee not broken figures, which they do deliver (Ba dum tshh) However, I have seen other Atlases (Atlasi?) that have broken legs, so WATCH OUT!

AtlasWilson Atlas2


I kinda touched on this in my last review, but I didn’t get P-Body and Atlas at the same time. I got P-Body first because she wasn’t broken at Toys R Us. Both Atlases were so I didn’t want to waste my money. I ordered it when I got home, but then we went to the beach and I didn’t get to it until the week after. Still, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! Both Atlas and P-Body are fantastic figures and have been LONG in the making. NECA did a good job of making these figures so go and GET ‘EM!


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